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  1. Stock Analysis

    Chasing Banks For Yield And Growth

    Banks are starting all over again looking to grow dividend payouts.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Dull Companies With Exciting Cash Flows

    Solid cash flow producing companies tend to have solid performing share prices over the course of time.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Good Growth Low P/E Stocks

    Investors need not pay nosebleed prices for growth companies.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Motorcar Parts On The Mend With Strong Quarter

    If management can successfully integrate and execute on this acquisition, then MPAA is poised for better days ahead.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Growth Stocks Not Necessarily Risky

    By looking at growth and value investment as two sides of the same coin, growth stocks like Disney aren't neccessarily risky investments.
  6. Stock Analysis

    This Week's Activist Filings

    Investors may wish to keep an eye on these names in the months ahead.
  7. Stock Analysis

    Losing The Midas Touch

    A strategic alliance could be exactly what this company needs to move forward.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Growth And Income From These Stocks

    It's almost always a combination of dividends and stock price appreciation that creates the greatest shareholder returns.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Stocks For An Uncertain World

    if you treat investments as a way to build wealth, then owning some of today's cash-rich income-producing stocks could pay off.
  10. Stock Analysis

    AutoZone Speeds Ahead

    AutoZone's strong business and prudent share buyback program has allowed it to create enormous wealth for its investors.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Hewlett-Packard Profit Tumbles, Looking Ahead

    This is the company's first full quarter under new CEO Meg Whitman. So it's certainly too early to judge HP's future at this juncture.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Apple Now A Cult Stock

    Apple will be an exciting story to watch but it may be best to watch from the sidelines.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Value And Value Traps

    Finding value in stocks comes in a variety of ways. The fine line is deciphering between value opportunity and value trap.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Coinstar Crushes It

    2012 is set to be a marquee year for Coinstar thanks to strategic investments.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Beazer Homes Seeing Some Rays Of Hope

    If Beazer and other homebuilders can put a string of solid quarters together, homebuilders could be in for a strong rally.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Stocks Cheap By The Numbers

    Statistically cheap stocks can be a fertile hunting ground for deep value investors.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Chipotle Still Sizzling

    While Chipotle will likely see strong business in 2012, an investment in the fast food company may not be as hot.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Procter & Gamble Feels The Pinch

    U.S sales growth combined with rising input costs helped put a lid on the company's quarter.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Ackman's Target Canadian Pacific Gets Moving

    Canadian Pacific is the latest activist target of Pershing Square's Bill Ackman.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Apple Hits Another Home Run

    Apple's earnings this quarter were up over %73 from a year ago, as the company continues to grow at astonishing levels.
  21. Stock Analysis

    Micro-Cap Gems

    Micro caps can offer some of greatest price to value discrepancies in the stock market.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Fastenal Continues Its Growth Streak

    Fastenal's blip this quarter is no indication that the company is showing any signs of cracking.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Carnival Shares Shipwrecked

    staying above of water for Carnival and other cruise lines will be more about the strength of the economy and confidence of the consumer.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Lennar Cautiously Optimistic About 2012

    2012 could finally be the beginning of a slow but much needed recovery in housing.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Cash-Rich Small Caps

    Cash-rich small caps could be great bargains, but watch out for value traps.
  26. Stock Analysis

    The Right Way To Play Real Estate

    Patient investors can find real estate businesses that are opportunistically taking advantage of a depressed market.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Bank Warrants Your Atttention

    Bank warrants are a lucrative way to make a bet that U.S. financials will once again be respected by the investing public.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Fertilizer Industry Will Yield Super Gains

    Good economy or bad, the world will need more food, and, thus, more fertilizer.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Sears Continues To Struggle

    Sears is struggling this holiday season, but there is some hope for the company in the form of majority investor Eddie Lampert.
  30. Stock Analysis

    This Week's Activist Filings

    Despite Europe's economic woes creating uncertainty going into 2012, activist investors can be a boon to certain stocks.
  31. Stock Analysis

    2011 Look Back At Agriculture

    Mediocre performance from agricultural stocks in 2011 will likely not be repeated in 2012.
  32. Stock Analysis

    2011's Dogs Of The Dow

    Whether or not you subscribe to the Dogs of the Dow theory, it's not often that names on the list turn out to be huge investments for some savvy investors.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Is Copper The New Gold

    While gold looks very attractive today, over a period of years, copper is likely to produce a more attractive result for investors.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Activist Filings This Week

    When any noteworthy investor steps up and flies a 13D, it's a worthwhile exercise to examine the situation closely.
  35. Stock Analysis

    The Truth About The Stock Market

    Buying at favorable prices often requires buying stocks that are out of favor.
  36. Stock Analysis

    ETF's For Income

    ETFs provide a way for investors to earn above-average rates of return without the risk tied to investing in one company.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Buffett: Buying When Others Are Selling

    Buffett invests for the long-term and expects significant upside over that period. Investors would do well to take notes on what Buffett's buying now.
  38. Stock Analysis

    Value Legend Klarman Piles Into BP

    Despite oil spill risks, Klarman clearly sees significant upside - even at today's price levels
  39. Stock Analysis

    Investing By The Book

    Buying below book value can provide investors with a safe and consistent investment approach.
  40. Stock Analysis

    Blue Chips Still Cheap

    Today's blue chips are stocks you can keep for years and be comfortable your portfolio will appreciate.
  41. Stock Analysis

    CVS Shows Its Resilience In Any Economy

    A solid quarter and a forecasted better year should be the beginning of quality growth for CVS.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Winn Dixie Drives Sales, Now Time For Profits

    Coming out of a bankruptcy, Winn-Dixie seems to be doing good.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Big Dividends, Small Risk

    Businesses that payout nice dividends can offer reasonable substitutes for some investors.
  44. Stock Analysis

    David Einhorn's New Target: Green Mountain

    Einhorn's case doesn't hinge on valuation alone but rather accounting and other issues about the future growth of this company.
  45. Stock Analysis

    Small Size With Big Potential

    Good things come in small packages. Here are a few small cap businesses that offer investors some intriguing opportunities.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Contrarian Stocks to Watch

    A contrarian bet can have a substantial payoff. Here are some stocks worth a little risk.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Farming Profits

    Food production is a guaranteed winner as population and consumption increase. Agricultural related stock valuations should be reasonable for years to come.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Don't Dismiss Fertilizer

    No matter how hard times get in this economy, society needs food and food needs fertilizer. This demand is helping to keep fertilizer prices strong.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Statistically Interesting Stocks

    Canvasing the market, some stocks show up with interesting numbers of intrigue to investors.
  50. Stock Analysis

    Stocks That See No Recession

    Regardless of day-to-day stock price swings, not all businesses suffer recession-like setbacks during a recession.
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