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  1. Investing

    Relative Valuation: Using Stocks To Value Other Stocks

    This effective approach will help you understand which stocks you should be investing in.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Big Yield Dividend, No-Net-Debt Companies

    Dividends do matter but only when they can be counted on to be paid consistently.
  3. Stock Analysis

    When Markets Decline, Stock Prices Get Better

    When prices are declining the opportunity to find businesses selling for less than intrinsic worth increases.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Big Yields In A Low-Rate Environment

    Over a period of years, it's likely that carefully chosen dividend-paying stocks will provide a higher return than Treasuries by assuming minimal additional risk.
  5. Stock Analysis

    This Week's Activist Filings

    With quality names like Deere and seemingly cheap retailers like Big 5 Sporting Goods on the list, some value-creating potential could be lurking in the future.
  6. Stock Analysis

    The Conservative Investor's Portfolio

    A conservatively capitalized, high-quality business with a good dividend in today's low-interest rate environment will likely weather any storm better than lesser-quality names.
  7. Stock Analysis

    Big Oil Stocks Safe And Cheap

    The biggest oil companies with their extensive resources and quality dividends will likely provide very satisfactory returns for investors going forward.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Dividend Yields That Just Got Juicer

    For those companies that pay dividends, the inverse relationship between stock price and dividend yield has created some very attractive yields.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Buybacks To Create Value

    Buybacks will generate tremendous value for shareholders who are patient enough to let the leverage created take effect.
  10. Stock Analysis

    What Do AA+ And AAA Credit Ratings Mean?

    Whether you held a AAA or AA+ rating, the difference didn't seem to matter to Mr. Market on Monday.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Invest In Necessity

    Today's market is not serving up opportunities for significant upside without assuming excessive risk. Investors should have realistic expectation going forward.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Food Costs Bite Chipotle

    Given the benign sell off in the stock price, it appears that most investors see many more quarters of solid growth ahead.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Low P/E Growth Stocks

    With the S&amp;P 500 trading at over 15-times earnings and stocks favored by investors trading at significantly higher multiples, profitable low P/E stocks deserve a closer look.
  14. Stock Analysis

    4 Stocks Too Good To Ignore

    Profit growth and impressive money management can generate tremendous value for a company over time - these stocks perfectly represent that theory.
  15. Stock Analysis

    A Lot To Like About Fertilizer Companies

    Agriculture stocks are long-term plays that are becoming more attractive during the market selloff.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Are U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies All Bad?

    Clearly, short sellers have been valuable in revealing dishonest companies, but their goods may be great values today as a result of the sell off.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Dividends Not To Be Dismissed

    Only when choosing attractive investments that pay dividends, and holding those investments until the price suggests a time to sell, will the dividend pay off.
  18. Stock Analysis

    2 Quality Stocks Trading Below Book Value

    Book value is not a assurance that a business is cheap, but it can be a meaningful metric in a company's valuation.
  19. Forex Education

    How Equities Affect The FX Market

    We look at how you can predict a currency movement by studying the stock market.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Agriculture ETFs For Everyone

    Whatever turn the economy takes, the demand for food may be the most certain aspect of an otherwise uncertain global economy.
  21. Investing

    How An IPO Is Valued

    The initial valuation of an IPO can determine the success or failure of a specific stock - but how is that price determined?
  22. Stock Analysis

    Stocks For An Inflationary World

    It's important to recognize the characteristics of inflation before it's too late.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Today's Timely Stocks

    Those who buy purely on momentum or timeliness may experience an unpleasant result. But absent nosebleed valuations, the best quality stocks could be worth a shot.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Consumer Staple Stocks Look Durable

    Investors should consider letting the consumer come to the rescue - but not in the way you think.
  25. Stock Analysis

    4 Defensive Stocks To Defend Against A Downturn

    Large, defensive stocks pose minimal risk for the upside potential.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Darling International's Darling Quarter

    Darling is indeed a darling of investors today. The company is enjoying great growth in a stable industry that it virtually dominates.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Big Values Going Cheap

    Big companies are bringing big value to investors in today's stock market.
  28. Stock Analysis

    TravelCenters Still Stuck In The Red

    Even as other businesses and industries have improved over the past several years, TA's improvement hasn't been strong enough to consistently reach the bottom line.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Potash Profits Growing Like A Weed

    As the largest company in the space and largest producer of the most valuable nutrient potash,, PotashCorp is well suited to continue generating substantial sales and profit growth.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Housing Still A Challenge For Homebuilders

    Determining when the real estate market will turn has become nothing more than a guessing game.
  31. Stock Analysis

    4 Cheap "Magic Formula" Stocks

    As silly as it may sound, the "magic formula" stock screen is actually quite serious. Check out these promising stocks.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Investing Below Book Value

    Are these companies underpriced or too risky to touch?
  33. Stock Analysis

    Companies Boosting Dividends

    Don't discount the value of dividends. They are real and can't be manipulated via accounting gimmicks.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Free Cash Flow Machines

    At the end of the day, its all about cash flow. If earnings can't be connected to the balance sheet, then they are less likely to create any long-term value.
  35. Stock Analysis

    Buffett Defends These Stocks As Undervalued

    These stocks allow you to invest in some excellent companies, at a wider discount to intrinsic value than what Berkshire paid.
  36. Stock Analysis

    3 Low P/E Stocks

    A low P/E ratio is a great starting point for inquisitive investors.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Single-Digit P/E Stocks With Juicy Dividends

    A stock's price isn't the only characteristic to observe - all of these companies show attractive dividend potential.
  38. Stock Analysis

    4 Cheap And Safe Stock Picks

    If you're on the hunt for value stocks, those with low P/E and debt-to-equity ratios are a good place to start.
  39. Stock Analysis

    3 Beaten-Down Construction Stocks With Big Potential

    If housing continues to recover, these businesses could see big returns.
  40. Stock Analysis

    Share Prices Decline: Time To Sell?

    The only way to succeed in separating stocks from stock markets is to view any share of stock as a piece of a business.
  41. Stock Analysis

    High Return On Equity Businesses

    Companies with high returns on equity usually see an increasing stock price in the future.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Not All Banks Are Bad

    Quality regional banks have well-capitalized balance sheets, and are trading cheaply, in relation to their bigger brothers.
  43. Stock Analysis

    4 Yields Worth the Risk

    Not all dividend yields are equal. Yet today, there are several securities paying above average double-digit yields.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Year Of The Chinese Food Stocks?

    With the dawn of the Chinese New Year, investors may wish to consider these opportunities.
  45. Stock Analysis

    Southwest Flying High

    The airline industry's "here today, gone tomorrow" cycle has deterred many investors from truly comitting, but Southwest seems to be making all of the right moves.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Cargill To Dispose Of Mosaic

    Cargill's divestiture of Mosaic has absolutely no effect on the economic value of Mosaic.
  47. Stock Analysis

    This Week's Activist Filings

    Paying close attention to 13D filings can be a very fertile way to uncover quality investment ideas.
  48. Stock Analysis

    This Week's Activist Filings

    Valuations are getting ahead of themselves, so it was a light week for 13D activist filings.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Searching For Bargain Bin Stocks

    Don't expect to find ample opportunity today if you are looking for deep value stocks, but the market occasionally manages to leave a few ideas worthy of further investigation.
  50. Stock Analysis

    Steel Cycle Looks Good

    Buying cyclical stocks at the right time can be a great investment strategy, but it requires more than just trying to time a cycle to benefit.
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