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  1. Stock Analysis

    Bottom Of Cycle Stocks Require Patience

    There are no guarantees in any investment, but its seems logical that the best way to profit from a cyclical business is to pick it during the down cycle.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Good Stocks Vs. Good Businesses

    Contrary to popular belief, it's better to pay a fair price for a great company than a great price for a fair one. We'll show you why.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Special Opportunities in 2010

    When successful, these investments can produce wonderful returns in any market environment.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Berkshire Hathaway For The Next Decade

    At the current price, Berkshire shares look set for another market-beating decade.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Losers Today, Winners Tomorrow?

    Following a contrarian approach of avoiding investing with the masses, and instead focusing on value, offers the best recipe for consistent long-term results.
  6. Stock Analysis

    A Look Back On Gold

    Gold shines in the eyes of many as prices head higher.
  7. Stock Analysis

    A Final Look At Agriculture Stocks

    Agriculture's resilience during the recession points to a strong outlook for the next several years.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Wal-Mart 2009: A Year In Review

    As we head into year end, Wal-Mart shares are down almost 3% for the year, underperforming the S&P by nearly 25 percent.
  9. Options & Futures

    Fight Back Against Inflation

    Inflation is often a consequence of economic recovery. Here's how you can protect your financial portfolio.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Own Stocks That Rent

    The real estate market isn't the only one with huge potential in rentals.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Monopoly-Like Companies

    We might not have monopolies, but some businesses operate in industries where a couple of businesses essentially dominate.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Seth Klarman's Biggest Bets

    It's always a good idea to watch the pros, especially guys like Seth Klarman.
  13. Stock Analysis

    ETFs To Make Macro Bets On

    Sometimes, the best and most rewarding investments are not company specific, but instead bet on changes in sentiment or the macro economy.
  14. Options & Futures

    Why Gold Matters

    Gold is a very useful investment during periods of instability and high inflation.
  15. Stock Analysis

    This Deal Reeks Of Value

    Waste disposal company Waste Services has proposed to merge with competitor IESI-BFC. Can anyone else smell profit?
  16. Stock Analysis

    Piggybacking With The Best

    Despite the strong market rally, big name pros still see value in diverse places.
  17. Options & Futures

    Profiting In A Post-Recession Economy

    When the dust from a recession settles, there are often many opportunities for portfolio growth - both locally and internationally.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Free Cash Flow Standouts

    Learn why many of the best value investors ascribe more weight to cash flow than net income.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Rely On The Past, But Concentrate On The Future

    Past data is useful, but any future price appreciation in the stock will be the result of what lies ahead.
  20. Stock Analysis

    The Stock Market Secret

    If you want to succeed in investing, commit yourself to understanding and applying the following principle.
  21. Stock Analysis

    Partnerships That Keep Giving

    The relative premium yields gets from energy MLPs are very attractive when one couples them with the best in the lot.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Count The Cash At Dell

    Cash matters, and Dell produces tons of it. Successful execution of its strategic initiatives should lead to more cash generation and a more valuable enterprise.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Strong Franchises Make Strong Investments

    Dominantly entrenched companies with strong franchises offer a very sound investment strategy going forward.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Bet On The Economy With Fed Ex

    Despite the fact that FedEx shares have more than doubled since their March lows, its future growth potential is enormous.
  25. Options & Futures

    Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities: When To Take The ...

    Options are always speculative, but LEAPS provide a longer time frame, which may make them more profitable.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Why Today's Market Dictates Pessimism

    Investing as if the markets can only go up is a recipe for disaster, while embracing pessimism will keep you in the game.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Abercrombie Down, But Still Strong

    Abercrombie's sales have fallen, but the company might just benefit from this recession in the long term.
  28. Stock Analysis

    TravelCenters: A Bargain Work In Progress

    TravelCenters offers a very compelling risk reward scenario, as long as one has faith that management will continue to operate as effectively as they currently seem to be doing.
  29. Stock Analysis

    A Backdoor Move On Real Estate

    Move Inc. offers a broad service to the overall real estate industry that is not necessarily dependent on home prices increasing.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Buffett's Long-Term Bet On Rails

    Buffett's $44 billion bet on BNI assumes that the "country's future prosperity depends on an efficient and well-maintained rail system."
  31. Stock Analysis

    Bottom Fishing for Potentail Value

    Though it's called bottom fishing for a reason, sometimes you find a pearl among the waste.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Tagging Along With The Stock Pros

    With the recent market gains, undervalued securities are becoming harder to find. One place to look is in the pros' portfolios.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Kellogg Benefits From Brand Loyalty

    Future economic uncertainty makes Kellogg and other blue chips your best bets.
  34. Stock Analysis

    What A Year For ConocoPhillips

    While comparing numbers to last year make net income look weak, deeply entrenched oil companies like ConocoPhillips can do well at current oil prices.
  35. Stock Analysis

    Buffett Says: Invest In "Toll Bridges"

    Find a business that makes its money by charging a small sum to a high-volume consumer base on a regular basis and you just may have something intriguing.
  36. Stock Analysis

    Potential Bargain Basement Stocks

    These stocks show some potential gain, despite the rally.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Profit From Agriculture

    The agricultural industry hasn't experienced the full effects of the market surge, and its long-term fundamentals look stronger than ever.
  38. Stock Analysis

    Caterpillar Plows Through

    Though its profits fell 53%, Caterpillar still blew away analysts' estimates.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Buy What Mr. Market Hates

    Benjamin Graham believe what the market ignored offered the greatest opportunity for finding tremendous value.
  40. Stock Analysis

    Private Prisons Have Future Growth All Locked Up

    With state budgets being cut across the board, prison budgets are also being slashed. This creates opportunity for private prison systems.
  41. Stock Analysis

    Stocks That Can Burn You

    Investors should always be mindful of the downside risk before purchasing any shares of stock.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Asset Rich Businesses

    In this market, focus on asset rich companies trading at significant discounts to those assets.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Consider Puts Selling To Nibble Back In The Market

    Only sell put options if you are 100% comfortable owning the stock. If that’s the case, then selling puts can lower your cost basis.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Wendy's Arby's Group Worth A Taste

    The Wendy's/Arby's Group merits a closer look if you'd like a slice of the restaurant industry.
  45. Stock Analysis

    The Rating Agencies Get A Failing Grade

    Rating agencies used to be business that value investors loved to own, but that seems to be changing.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Kraft's Sweet Deal

    Very few major business acquisitions fail to create long-term value for shareholders. Often, the primary consideration is growth, and it comes down to price paid and real value attained.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Funds With Low Fees And Commissions

    Fees lead to diminishing returns, so it's best to invest in funds with little or no fees.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Options With Upside Potential

    Here are a couple of options that might be the perfect thing for your portfolio.
  49. Stock Analysis

    The Virtues Of Patience

    If you want to be a great investor, extraordinary intelligence won’t do it; instead, you have to have control of your emotions.
  50. Stock Analysis

    What Matters Most In Oil

    There are three variables that dominate the valuation of oil companies.
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