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  1. Stock Analysis

    China Still Has Its Gems

    China's debt-free, cash-rich businesses may no longer be trading at a bargain, but there are still some promising agriculture investments.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Kraft Delivers The Goods

    On a relative basis, Kraft seems to offer the best value among the major food companies
  3. Stock Analysis

    The Best Education Investment Is Yourself

    Demand for education increases when the economy is suffering. However, investing in yourself might be a better option than education stocks.
  4. Stock Analysis

    High Yield Bets For The Conservative Investor

    High dividends and long-term dependability make it worth getting involved with these companies.
  5. Stock Analysis

    The Painful Truth About Leveraged ETFs

    Unfortunately, the growing popularity of leveraged ETFs is coming at a painful price.
  6. Stock Analysis

    International Large Cap Bets

    Often, investors exchange growth for additional safety by investing in the largest and safest blue chip names.
  7. Stock Analysis

    Big Stocks Trading Below Book Value

    We look at some stocks that would make super-investor Benjamin Graham happy.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Chinese Small Caps With Large Potential

    China's growing population makes education and food a top priority. We look at which of these stocks has the most potential for investors.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Gold Is A Great Hedge Today

    Gold is often overlooked by value investors, but the state of the U.S. Treasury has many investing, including John Paulson.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Retailers: The Best Versus The Rest

    Shares of retail stock have staged an impressive rally over the past three months as the S&amp;P 500 has moved up over 30%.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Ternium Steel: Cash Cow

    Ternium Steel has just reached an agreement with Venezuela. That and their strong operating margins make the company an attractice play.
  12. Stock Analysis

    One Cheap California Real Estate Play

    Believe it or not there is a real estate company in California that, based on recent developments, is a deep bargain for patient investors.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Is Dry Bulk Shipping All Dried Up?

    Even with a surge in stock prices, dry shipping stocks are still low. Should investors make a value play or stay away?
  14. Stock Analysis

    Deep Value In Leucadia

    Leucadia offers investors a wonderful opportunity to own a business where the sum of the parts are vastly worth more than whole.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Three Cheap Stocks Under $10

    The general stock market is fairly valued at best. Still, there are some gems out there.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Whole Foods: The Business Vs. The Stock

    Liking a company and liking their stock are two very different things. This simple fact can help you make smart stock decisions.
  17. Stock Analysis

    No More Tears For Johnson & Johnson

    While it looks like Johnson &amp; Johnson may have a slower year in 2009, investors would be doing themselves a favour by watching this stock for the long-term.
  18. Stock Analysis

    AutoZone Firing On All Cylinders

    Autozone is a company that succeeds during a recession, as consumers would rather fix a car than buy a new one. We take a look at Autozone and its competitors, to see if there are some promising investments.
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