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  1. Investing Basics

    Investing In China

    Investment opportunity is huge in China. However, investors should consider the pitfalls, understand the risks and rewards, focus on shareholder-friendly companies and stick to investments they understand. ...
  2. Budgeting

    Top 6 Mindless Money Wasters

    If you'd like to save more money, first you'll need to conquer the first step: coming up with the cash.
  3. Investing Basics

    Capital Budgeting

    Learn the process through which businesses determine whether projects are worth pursuing.
  4. Markets

    How To Efficiently Read An Annual Report

    Learn how to read between the lines and decipher the actual condition of a company.
  5. Budgeting

    Top 6 Mindless Money Wasters

    If you'd like to save more money, first you'll need to conquer the first step: coming up with the cash.
  6. Investing

    Key Takeaways From Warren Buffett's Annual Letters To Shareholders

    A simple yet invaluable look into the key themes Warren Buffett repeats in his annual letter to shareholders.
  7. Fundamental Analysis

    The Market Value Versus Book Value

    Understanding the difference between book value and market value is a simple yet fundamentally critical component of any attempt to analyze a company for investment. After all, when you invest in a share ...
  8. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    What Are Hedge Funds?

    Hedge funds may be similar to mutual funds in some ways, but they differ in other ways like fee structure. Is a hedge fund for you?
  9. Investing News

    Looking Into Sin Investments

    The stigma that a sin stock receives seems to be more concentrated among individual investors who are certainly entitled to avoid them. The overall market, on the other hand, seems to look favorably on ...
  10. Investing News

    The Value Of Sin Stocks

    On the whole, these sinful stocks offer little value to society, that doesn't mean they don't have value for investors.
  11. Active Trading

    Play The Market Like Tiger Plays Golf

    Score big by taking Tiger Woods' approach to golf and applying it to your portfolio.
  12. Investing Basics

    How To Be A Conservative Investor

    It may not be the most exciting path to take in the investing world, but conservative investing is an extremely safe bet.
  13. Investing Basics

    5 Lessons Monopoly Teaches Us About Finance And Investing

    The game of Monopoly can increase your chances of having a better and useful understanding of prudent financial and investment principles.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Can Microsoft Take On Gmail?

    Microsoft's new Outlook.com is the company's attempt to compete with Google's Gmail service.
  15. Investing News

    Are Women's Portfolios Better Than Men's?

    A recent study found that women's portfolios tend to perform better than men's. This is likely because women are more averse to risk.
  16. Investing News

    Starbucks Goes Square

    The partnership between Starbucks and Square will likely spur more interest in the mobile payment space.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Best Buy Struggles For Direction

    Going forward, regardless of whether the company is sold, bought out or stays public, Best Buy has to adapt to a changing retail environment that is seeing a rise in online sales.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Auto Parts Stocks Looking Attractive

    Auto parts retailers haven't sold off this much since 2008.
  19. Stock Analysis

    This Week's Activist Filings

    With tens of thousands of publicly traded stocks, looking over 13D filing is an excellent way of screening for investment options.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Value In Car Parts And Services

    While the automotive industry is known for its cyclical ups and downs, the auto parts industry has been a very attractive industry for quite some time.
  21. Stock Analysis

    Food Stocks For The Long Run

    Food certainly is not an exciting business, but excitement invites competition and competition can disrupt profits.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Cheap Oil

    Despite a push towards non-oil-based energy sources, oil prices will trend higher in the long run, as finding new reserves will become more expensive.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Dell Jumps On Dividend Train

    Perhaps in a few years, tech stocks will be known as some of the highest dividend payers in the market.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Invest In Quality Not Quantity

    The painful reality is that by choosing quantity over quality, the lack of quality increases the risk assumed, leading investors to sell at the first sign of trouble.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Uncovering Hidden Value In Small Caps

    Today's biggest companies were once smaller versions of themselves. The biggest returns comes from hunting in the small cap arena, although greater prudence is required. Here are some small cap stocks ...
  26. Stock Analysis

    This Week's Activist Filings

    The market is loaded with turmoil, which tends to scare away investors with a low risk tolerance but presents opportunities to many of the world's seasoned and skilled investors, who exploit these stocks' ...
  27. Stock Analysis

    Big Cap Bargain Financials

    At the current prices and significant discount from book value, large U.S. financials possess a solid margin of safety.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Interesting Stocks Hitting New Lows

    Shares in high quality businesses are finding themselves in the bargain bin as investors overreact at the first sign of bad news.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Own The Business, Not The Stock

    Understanding the fundamental difference between owning a business and speculating on a stock is essential to creating long-term investment value or risking making very expensive speculative choices.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Back To Book Value Basics

    Like any investment metric, understanding book value's advantages and limitations is integral to using it effectively in making sound investment decisions.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Advance Auto Parts Still Top Notch

    The sell-off has made shares in Advance Auto very attractive again. Even assuming the company's guidance is accurate at $68 a share, shares now trade for around 12 times earnings.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Facebook IPO Makes Few Friends

    When it comes to popularity, very few companies are as popular as Facebook. Sooner or later, the metric that matters most, cash flow generation, takes over, often leaving many investors holding the bag.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Golfsmith Deal Par For The Course

    Golfsmith recently agreed to sell itself to Golf Town. For $6.10 a share, Golfsmith shares are being valued at 1.5 times book value for a business that has lost money over the past three years.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Time To Cash In After Whole Foods Stock Sale

    Whole Foods remains an excellent company with a phenomenal future ahead of it.
  35. Stock Analysis

    JP Morgan Pain Is Investor Gain

    An opportunity to buy these banks when prices fall from current levels is likely to reward investors with a long-term holding period.
  36. Stock Analysis

    3 Cheap Stocks Under $10

    Quality businesses can be hiding under $10 shares because the majority of the investment community is designed to avoid businesses with arbitrarily "low" share prices.
  37. Stock Analysis

    AGCO Green With Profits

    Overall agricultural equipment demand should remain fundamentally stronger going forward.
  38. Stock Analysis

    Amazon's Earnings Don't Justify Price

    Amazon will have to continue delivering the goods, but more importantly, start showing improving profitability margins. Otherwise, investors could be in for disappointment.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Are Dow Stocks Better Than S&P Stocks?

    When it comes to the performances of the DJIA and S&P 500, what matters is the valuation of companies, and at the moment, many of the DJIA components, who also belong to the S&P 500, offer the ...
  40. Stock Analysis

    Apple Hits Another Grand Slam

    Thanks to record iPhone and iPad sales, Apple's first quarter results were again a smashing success. Apple's phenomenal quarter can be explained by one word: China.
  41. Stock Analysis

    Beware Of The Facebook IPO

    Facebook's real wealth has already been made. There may be a little left, but it's likely a speculative bet.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Chipotle Just Keeps Getting Hotter

    Chipotle's results continue to be the exception in the restaurant industry, but valuation has been inflated by excitement for the company.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Putting More Cash In Investors' Pockets

    Over time, dividends increase while your cost basis remains the same, which can make your actual yield astronomically high.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Investing By The Book

    Buying stocks at a discount to book value has a history of rewarding investors.
  45. Stock Analysis

    Pluck These Dividends

    With today's current historic low rates, the opportunity to own high quality equities with bond like yields will not be a option that will last indefinitely.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Growth Stocks With Moderate Risk

    With the shaky comeback happening in the markets, it's important to stick to a simple philosophy to generate returns.
  47. Stock Analysis

    Best Performing S&P 500 Stocks In The First Quarter

    Here's a look at the three best performing stocks in the S&P 500.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Smart Stocks To Rally With

    As the market advances, investing risk naturally increases but seeking out quality companies where you can pay below a reasonable price for growth will likely work going forward.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Dividends That Will Keep Growing

    The value that these companies have created over the years is mainly due to the dividends they pay out to investors.
  50. Stock Analysis

    Golf Industry Ripe For Consolidation

    Golf is coming out of a multi-year slump with a bright outlook.
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