Jason Whitby

Jason Whitby MBA, CFA, CFP, AIFA is a senior financial advisor for Investor Solutions providing financial planning and investment management for high-net-worth clients and institutions. His previous experience encompasses security research, portfolio construction and risk management. Prior to his financial services career, Whitby was employed in the semiconductor industry working in engineering, sales and finance. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Santa Clara University with a concentration in finance. Additionally, he is a Certified Financial Planning practitioner as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst and an Accredited Investment Fiduciary. He is ranked as a Five-Star Advisor by the Paladin Registry. Whitby is an active volunteer and speaker for the community outreach program sponsored by the Financial Planning Association of Miami-Dade, a former University of Miami Adjunct Professor, a past board member for the Financial Planning Association, and is a member of the CFA Institute. Jason Whitby has been widely published and quoted in the media including The Miami Herald, Morningstar, AARP's LifeTuner, The SunSentinal, SmartMoney, Yahoo! Finance, The Globe and Mail, Seeking Alpha, AccountantsWorld.com, CNBC For Your Money, CBS4 Financial Expert, and many other financial publications and media outlets. You can contact Jason Whitby at www.investorsolutions.com. You can contact Jason Whitby at www.investorsolutions.com.

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