Remi Alli

Remi is an accomplished author, who enjoys psychology, law and traveling.

  1. Personal Finance

    Christmas In July: How Much Can You Save?

    Christmas in July is a fairly new phenomenon with the potential for huge returns.
  2. Personal Finance

    States That Bank On Barbecue Season

    In some states and towns around the U.S., barbecue season can mean millions of dollars in tourism income.
  3. Personal Finance

    The Latest, Greatest Corporate Mergers And Acquisitions

    Find out which companies have come together lately and why.
  4. Taxes

    Is The U.S. Census A Waste Of Money?

    Although the requirement to conduct a census is outlined in the American Constitution, should we really spend $15 billion on today's U.S. Census?
  5. Personal Finance

    Celebrity Career Comebacks

    These stars disappeared from our radars, only to re-emerge as big as ever.
  6. Professionals

    Tweeting: The Next New "Profession"

    Professional "tweeting" has emerged as a new way to earn money in the digital age. Find out who's doing it and how much they're earning.
  7. Savings

    5 Latest Financial Scandals

    It's not just about Goldman Sachs - there is more business fraud using similar tactics to take money from taxpayers like you.
  8. Taxes

    National Debt: Who Pays?

    There's a huge national debt being left behind for future generations, but what have past administrations done to lessen the blow?
  9. Fundamental Analysis

    Lipstick And The Stock Market: Connection?

    We test the theory that lipstick sales thrive during an economic downturn.
  10. Personal Finance

    Alternative Ways To Invest In Facebook

    The social networking site is a private company, but there are still a few ways that you can buy in.
  11. Investing

    Experienced Investors: Older And Wiser, Or Just Older?

    Find out how these famous investors have fared as they've aged.
  12. Professionals

    Scandals That Bring The CEOs Out

    Sometimes a CEO has to make a public statement to sort out a scandal. Find out whether it returns the company to profitability.