Tim Parker

Tim Parker has a Bachelors and Masters in Education and is the owner of ECS, a company specializing in financial and small business content for print and online media. His work is published on many of the best known media outlets as well as magazines, industry publications, and newspapers. He also runs breakingfinancenews.com and bibledollar.com. He loves all things creative and is passionate about volunteering in the nonprofit sector. Tim lives in Florida where he often sets up a mobile office on the Gulf of Mexico beaches.

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  1. High Net Worth Strategy

    Finding Non-Callable Bonds No One Can Take Away

    Low interest rates have led to nearly $250 billion in bonds being called in, leaving investors in the lurch. How to find non-callable bonds.
  2. College Tuition

    5 Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Job After College

    Reports show that new college grads are either unemployed or under employed. Here's how to increase your chances of getting a job.
  3. Social Security

    Social Security Backs Down on Smartphone Security Rule

    Seniors can't text a security code to get into their online Social Security accounts if they don't have a smartphone. Social Security backs off.
  4. Budgeting & Savings

    2016 Back-to-School Tax Holidays May Be Skimpier

    This year's back-to-school tax holidays are shorter and less generous than in years past. Here's why.
  5. High Net Worth Strategy

    Affluent and on Medicare? Beware 2018

    That's when rates will go up even more. How to start preparing and why $1 of income could make a huge difference.
  6. Markets & Economy

    How Much Are Prices Really Rising? Ask Sushinomics

    Should we forget the CPI and follow the changing price of sushi? A different way to understand Millennial spending challenges.
  7. Career / Compensation

    A Career Guide For Marketing Majors

    Do you have what it takes to work in this fast-paced field? This article will help you determine if marketing is for you.
  8. Retirement Savings

    10 Little Known Ways to Reduce Your 401(k) Taxes

    These clever strategies will help you hold onto your money โ€“ so you'll have more available for your retirement.
  9. Laws & Regulations

    Should You Really Pay to Erase Your Name From the Internet?

    Should you pay to erase your name from the internet? In the case of an arrest record in the form of a posted mug shot, the answer may very well be yes.
  10. Retirement Living

    Laws That Help Low Income Retirement

    If you're retired โ€“ or about to be โ€“ and money is tight, look to these programs and other benefits for help should you need it.
  11. Budgeting & Savings

    6 Signs You're Not Spending Enough

    If the sleeves of all your shirts are frayed and even your thrifty friends think you're a tightwad, consider reading this story. (Don't worry; it's free.)
  12. Asset Allocation

    Calculating Risk and Reward

    Investing money into the markets has a high degree of risk, and if you're going to take the risk, the amount of money you stand to gain needs to be big.
  13. Investing Strategy

    Investors Prefer Real Estate and Cash

    Equities do better, but investors still prefer real estate and cash. Here's why.
  14. Budgeting & Savings

    Why Your Cell Phone Bill Is Going Up

    Your cell phone bill is going up because the price war among wireless carriers is ending.
  15. Stocks

    Meet You for Lunch at the Grocerant

    Growing category of grocers that also serve food like Whole Foods. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/07/22/food-is-ruling-retail-real-estate-and-food-trucks-are-moving-in.html Wegman does it, Whole Foods does. ...
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