Stock Analysis

  1. Business Intelligence for Dummies

    An overview of the Business Intelligence industry and what opportunities it presents ...
  2. A Grim Picture for Images? (GYI, JUPM)

    An interesting view of the hazards and opportunities of stock photo sector.
  3. Is Oracle Somewhere Inside All Those Acquisitions? (ORCL)

    Following its recent earnings release, Oracle's longer-term prospect are interesting.
  4. Much More than a Creative Suite (ADBE)

    Long-term prospects of ADBE are beyond the myopic focus on most analysts on the CS3 ...
  5. Progress Software Not in Regress (PRGS)

    Investors would do well to educate themselves about Progress Software's interesting ...
  6. Is it Time to Enroll at eCollege (ECLG)?

    Investing in education makes a lot of sense with eLearning.
  7. Winners and Losers: July 24th - 28th (MNTA, NG, ALDA, CDI)

    The market's big winners and losers for the week of July 24th to 28th.
  8. Movie Gallery Sees Epic Increase

    Movie Gallery shares have been pumped up by takeover talk, but value investors will ...
  9. Full Steam Ahead On This River

    Despite its drawbacks, Digital River is still moving swiftly.
  10. Edgar Online's Big Bet

    A detailed look inside the company that developed IMetrix and what the future has ...
  11. Adobe Still A Solid Foundation

    A recent price decline makes beefing up your portfolio with Adobe look like a solid ...
  12. Oracle's Quarter Better than Perceived

    What does the future hold for Oracle?
  13. A Peek into the Business Model of the Future

    Does the classic Value vs Growth paradigm hold up in today's market?
  14. Blackboard's Great Business Model

    A look at the education technology company's recent acquistion and prospects for ...
  15. VOIP will soar, but Vonage needs a lifeline

    A look inside the VOIP revolution and its implications for investors.
  16. Semiconductors Show Strength but Watch the Valuations

    Taking a peek inside the semiconductor industry.
  17. Microsoft's Prospects - 2006, 2007

    The software industry's 800 gorilla has seen little share price appreciation in the ...
  18. Music To Your Ears

    Taking a look at the digital sound market.
  19. A Hot Sector?

    Another example of a sector that "falls between the cracks" - elearning.
  20. Taking a Closer Look at Chemical Companies

    The chemical sector may be painted with an outdated brush there might be a lot more ...
  21. Shining a Light on Solar

    The solar sector has been home to some great returns but the future remains murky. ...
  22. Surveying the Business Intelligence Space

    Decision makers always want real-time information to make better decisions but often ...
  23. Earnings Ain't What They Used to Be

    Getting lost in all the earnings numbers being thrown your way? Let's take a closer ...
  24. The Little Things That Matter

    Everybody's talking about it but how exactly do you invest in nanotechnology? Let ...
  25. The Only Sector That Matters - Part 2

    The conclusion to Part 1 of David Harper's excellent piece.
  26. The Only Sector That Matters - Part 1

    Sectors? What sectors? In this must-read piece Investopedia Advisor contributing ...
  27. The Most Important Metric You Forgot

    The cash conversion cycle (or cash cycle) is one of the best early-warning systems ...
  28. Making Money in Energy without Betting on Oil's Price

    $70 oil you say? Then how the heck can you still make money in energy stocks? In ...
  29. Our View on Stock Options

    In this piece, David Harper wades deep into the option expensing ruling and what ...
  30. The Most Dangerous Sport (for Investors)

    Cable news can be good for many things - sports, late night movies, syndicated televsion ...
  31. Two Keys to Avoiding Disaster - Part 2

    What does the Investopedia Advisor consider 'strong governance'? Let the Advisor's ...
  32. Two Keys to Avoiding Disaster

    Conducting proper due diligence is imperative right? Right. Here we explore two key ...
  33. The Lunar Fund

    We are starting a fund that employs leverage and derivatives to invest in prime real ...
  34. Our Top Down Approach

    Learn about how we use a top-down approach in our stock selections.
  35. Peter Lynch's Crayon Cannot Help Us Now

    If the idea is that you should only invest in companies that you understand, it is ...
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