Matt Cavallaro

Matt Cavallaro is Senior Equity Analyst for BetterTrades. Matt previously worked in Merrill Lynch's private client group and as an analyst with Laidlaw & Company, a full-service investment banking and brokerage firm. Matt graduated from Emory University with a B.A. in Economics, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst Candidate and Chartered Market Technician Affiliate.

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  1. Budgeting

    How To Avoid Buying A "Lemon" Product

    A lack of information can lead people into bad purchases and bad investments. Find out how you can avoid these lemons.
  2. Forex Education

    Managing Currency Exposure In Your Portfolio

    The value of your investments is impacted by changes in global currency exchange rates. Find out how.
  3. Stock Analysis

    You Can Still Clean Up With Clean Harbors

    Expect another consistent and tidy performance from this waste-disposal giant in 2012.
  4. Personal Finance

    Minimum Wage: Good Cause Or Economic Pariah?

    Here are some positives and negatives to help you decide where you stand on the minimum wage debate.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Stillwater Mining Or North American Palladium?

    Looking for a pure play platinum metals producer? There's really only one option.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Flavors & Fragrances Growing Stale

    A foul wind is making shares of International Flavors & Fragrances hard to digest.
  7. Stock Analysis

    A Look Inside The Natural Gas Pipeline

    The United States is the Saudi Arabia of natural gas, but natural gas stocks were a mixed bag last year.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Buy Suits On Lower Unemployment?

    Does the improving unemployment rate mean it's time to buy suit stocks?
  9. Home & Auto

    3 Ways To Value Real Estate Investments

    Investing in income-generating real estate involves market data and a degree of subjectivity.
  10. Stock Analysis

    2011's Biggest IPOs

    2011 was another big year for IPOs.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Jewelry Stocks That Could Shine In 2012

    Holiday shopping makes the fourth quarter the best one for retailers, jewelry included. Find out what's ahead in 2012.
  12. Stock Analysis

    2011's Biggest Mergers and Acquisitions

    M&A activity rebounded in a big way in 2011. Here's a look back at the biggest mergers and acquisitions during the year.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Video Game Stocks To Watch In 2012

    Will video game stocks keep clicking in 2012?
  14. Stock Analysis

    How To Play Madison Square Garden

    Investors can score from the buzz being back at the Garden.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Church & Dwight On Fire

    It's not a sexy name for the holiday shopping season, but Church & Dwight investors are cleaning up.
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