Heather Levin

Heather Levin

Heather Levin lives in the Detroit, Michigan with her husband and frequently contributes to the Money Crashers personal finance blog. She is passionate about green living, saving money, saving the environment, and helping others to better manage their money and resources. On Money Crashers, you can see some of her writing related to side business ideas, healthy and nutritious snack ideas, and ways to reduce utility bills.

  1. Personal Finance

    7 Countries' Surprising Top Exports

    Many of us have ideas about what certain countries are "known" for such as chocolates from Belgium, but many countries export other foods or products that might surprise you.
  2. Investing

    Why High Oil Prices Are Good For The Environment

    High gas prices may be a frustrating side effect of the nation's oil crisis, but there's actually an upside to sticker shock at the pump - it's good for the environment.