Kurtis Hemmerling

Kurtis Hemmerling

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  1. Forex Strategies

    How do I use the Ease Of Movement Indicator to create a ...

    Discover how forex traders can apply the ease of movement indicator with currency pairs to and highlight how sensitive price changes are to volume.
  2. Fundamental Analysis

    What is the first day of the first quarter?

    The first day of companies' fiscal years varies based on industry cycles. The timing is especially important because annual reports can have unexpected effects.
  3. Fundamental Analysis

    What is the first day of the second quarter?

    Learn about the fiscal year of different companies and when the second quarter begins. Explore why analysts often prefer to compare results year-over-year.
  4. Fundamental Analysis

    What is the first day of the fourth quarter?

    Learn about different financial years used by various companies. Explore when the fourth quarter begins on October 1st and when it does not.
  5. Fundamental Analysis

    What is a quarterly report?

    Learn about quarterly reports and why they are important to investors. Explore street consensus estimates and how reported results are perceived by investors.
  6. Personal Finance

    For a company, is it more important to lower costs or increase ...

    Examine the question of whether a company's desire for increased profitability is better served by focusing on cutting costs or on increasing revenue.
  7. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    Should I invest in ETFs or index funds?

    Learn advantages to investing in exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, and index funds, and decide whether to include them in your investment portfolio.
  8. Trading Strategies

    What is the difference between the Ease Of Movement Indicator ...

    Read about the differences between two technical momentum oscillators, the ease of movement indicator and the moving average convergence divergence.
  9. Technical Indicators

    What are the best technical indicators to complement the ...

    Find out what kinds of technical indicators and oscillators make the most beneficial confirmation tools when used with the Ease of Movement indicator.
  10. Trading Strategies

    What are the main advantages of using Fibonacci Retracements ...

    Read about some of the advantages of the Fibonacci trading system and how retracements can be applied to any instrument to identify trading opportunities.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Honda (HMC) Acura to Recall 9,500 TLX V6 for Parking Issue ...

    Honda Motor Co., Ltd.'s (HMC) Acura division will recall TLX V6 vehicles of model year 2015 in the U.S. due to a problem in the 9-speed automatic transmission.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Tesla Starts Battery Swap Pilot Program to Gauge Demand ...

    Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA) is starting a pilot program this week to test its battery swap technology.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Dover Agrees to Sell Datamax O'Neil Unit to Honeywell - ...

    Dover Corporation (DOV) has signed a definitive agreement to sell Datamax O'Neil unit to Honeywell International Inc. (HON) for $185 million.
  14. Stock Analysis

    3 Top Performing Real Estate Funds in 2014 - Mutual Fund ...

    With 27.9% gains (as of Dec 19), Real Estate is the second highest sector equity mutual fund gainer so far this year.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Bleak Global Inflation Backdrop: Sell TIPS ETFs? - ETF News ...

    With inflation expectations staying low, is it time to get rid of TIPS ETFs?