Gregory S. Davis

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  1. Stock Analysis

    A Pure Bank Is A Profitable Bank

    Spain's Banco Santander avoided the seduction of CMOs and other risky products and is now being rewarded for remaining chaste.
  2. Stock Analysis

    GGP: Global King Of The Mallrats?

    U.S. mall operator General Growth Properties has slowed growth at home to focus on new malls in Brazil and Turkey.
  3. Stock Analysis

    AXA Finds The Financial Sweet Spot

    Calling a bottom for the financial sector is near impossible; luckily, global insurers like AXA Group make it unnecessary, too.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Stressed Consumers Seek Out Comfort Foods

    In a tough economy, sweet and savory foods can help to ease the emotional pain. For an investor, comfort food makers offer an opportunity for international exposure and dividend payments.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Beyond Barclays ETFs (BCS)

    British Bank Barclays is the reigning King of ETFs in the U.S. but it's reach doesn't stop there.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Apollo Has Yield for the Masses (AINV)

    Apollo Investments is a Business Development Company (BDC) that gives investors another alternative to getting exposure to the world of private equity.
  7. Stock Analysis

    All Eyes on DaimlerChryslerBenz (DCX)

    With an interesting of mix of possible avenues to take for future growth, DCX shares deserve a look.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Equity Office Properties Nears a Decision (EOD)

    A high profile private equity deal highlights the hidden value of good dividend-paying REITs.
  9. Stock Analysis

    SIRIUS Revenue Growth Continues (SIRI, XMSR)

    With merger talks still buzzing around XMSR and SIRI, shares of the two satellite radio companies could be in for a good year.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Bristol-Myers Hurt By Plavix, Saved By Demographics (BMY)

    Despite BMY's recent struggles with its Plavix sales, favorable demographics make the stock a good investment to consider.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Boston Scientific Shaken, But Not Stirred (BSX)

    Boston Scientific looks poised for higher per share valuations in the future.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Public Private Equity (ACAS)

    Publicly-traded private equity firms offer investors an opportunity to invest in an otherwise exclusive market.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Brazilian Banking Prosperity (BBD, ITU)

    With the Brazilian economy shaping up for continued strength, these two banks could see substantial benefits.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Domino's Special Delivery (DPZ)

    A look into the pizza giant's prospects for the future.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Intercontinental Exchange's NYBOT Bid (ICE)

    A look inside Intercontinental Exchange's bid for the NYBOT and its prospects for the future.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Imperial Sugar's Sweet Fundamentals (IPSU)

    Imperial Sugar's strong fundamentals make the stock a buy, provided its price pulls back to a good entry point.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Qwest Says No, and Preps for Growth

    Qwest forges onward despite poor history.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Molina Healthcare Targets The Uninsured

    MOH investors have an opportunity to reap the rewards of Molina's noble efforts.
  19. Stock Analysis

    ING Pays To Play

    A look inside the financial services company's prospects.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Super Tankers Deliver

    Just how super are the prospects of oil tanker companies?
  21. Stock Analysis

    Can AT&T Perform without Wireless?

    A look at the competitive landscape of the telecom sector.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Intel Moves Forward

    Intel plans to "leap ahead" with a new approach.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Dimon Steps Up

    J.P Morgan Chase's president, Jamie Dimon, is going to take over the roll of CEO as well. What can we expect as a result?
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