Gregory S. Davis

  1. Stock Analysis

    BRIC Options Against A Falling S&P 500

    Know your BRIC before you invest.
  2. Stock Analysis

    Making Sense Of Cash And Shorts

    We examine a group of mutual funds that have large cash positions either from short selling or from asset allocation.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Top 3 CDS Champs Still Holding Strong

    Credit default swaps are next on the hit list, but remember the top players - JPMorgan, Citi and Bank of America - are also the banks left standing.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Refocusing on Deposits

    Investment banking is in search of new profits and liquidity under commercial banking rules.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Southeast Asia Movers

    There is more to Asia than India and China. We examine ETFs that balance the risk and reward of investing in the region.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Staying Afloat With Gold

    Gold proves its worth in weight.
  7. Stock Analysis

    Has Anyone Seen Glass Or Steagall?

    Legislation's effect on the creation of universal banks like Citigroup and the latest entry Bank of America.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Sizing Up Vanguard's ETFs Post Split

    Vanguard's low cost funds offer investors an even better opportunity to invest after their split and the pullback of the overall market.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Bear Funds For The Pessimist In You

    If market turmoil has you feeling grim, bear market funds offer any portfolio downside protection.
  10. Stock Analysis

    The Perfect Portfolio With Just 4 ETFs

    We build an investing foundation with a portfolio of four ETFs from different asset classes.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Top Bond ETFs That Let You Sleep Soundly

    Investors interested in fixed-income should consider this trio of bond ETFs.
  12. Stock Analysis

    PIPE Dream, Or Nightmare?

    Private investments in public equity offer much needed capital for issuers, but how will they benefit individual investors?
  13. Stock Analysis

    Paying Now For New Ideas Tomorrow

    Companies who are now investing in the best ideas of tomorrow may lead their competition in the future.
  14. Stock Analysis

    The Case For Small Caps

    Small caps have proven worthy of a slice in an investors portfolio.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Goldman Sachs Returns To A Banking Basic

    As investment banks exploit multiple paths to profit, Goldman Sachs has found money in good ol' fashioned interest income.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Wamu Now, Later Or Never?

    Texas Pacific Group has a big stake in Washington Mutual. Investors should evaluate their risk tolerance before following behind.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Lessons In Portfolio Diversification - NBA Style

    The NBA has shown fans that the future of the game lies outside the U.S. Learn how a similar world view can boost your portfolio.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Finding True Value In Drybulk Shipping

    It's hard to tell one drybulk shipper from the next, but a pair of handy ratios and a little fact finding reveal the class of the field.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Actively Managed ETFs

    Actively managed ETFs need more time to run before investors can truly determine if passive management is superior.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Big Banks Move Into Microfinance-For-Profit

    Several corporate giants have begun partnering with NGOs to hand out $50-$100 loans to the world's poor. Is this altruism or exploitation?
  21. Stock Analysis

    The Dark Horses Of Specialty Finance

    Big name financials have big problems, but several lesser known companies have seen huge gains. We uncover some hidden gems.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Diamond Hill Follows Graham's Lead

    Diamond Hill uses the teaching of Warren Buffett's mentor Benjamin Graham to protect investors assets.
  23. Stock Analysis

    The Short Side Of EAFE

    European, Asian and Far East markets are supposed to rise when U.S. markets fall, but not lately. Does going international still pay?
  24. Stock Analysis

    TJX Companies An Unlikely Oil Inflation Hedge

    Back-to-school shopping is around the corner, and consumers have more cash thanks to a break in oil prices. Discount king TJX should benefit.
  25. Stock Analysis

    A Closer Look At Bear Market Funds

    Investors can take a lead from the pros on how to plan and protect their portfolios. Learn how some of the top bear market funds succeed.
  26. Stock Analysis

    The Case For Frontier Markets

    Sick of the usual BRIC countries? There's plenty of reward (and risk) to be found in frontier markets like Qatar and Vietnam.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Nuclear-Free Socially Responsible Utilities

    Worried about radiation burns to your portfolio? Flex Funds has the SRI fund for you; we explore its top holdings.
  28. Stock Analysis

    The BlackRock Investors Cling To

    When markets are strong, everyone has the golden touch. During weak markets, diverse asset management firms like BlackRock have the edge.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Knowing It’s Going To Rain Is Better Than Guessing

    Weather forecasting is playing an increasingly important role in big business.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Biotech ETFs Under The Microscope

    Biotech ETFs have been immune to the falling stock market. We examine three top performing funds to find a surprising long-term winner.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Knowing When To Rebalance

    Creating a schedule or setting performance limits can keep your portfolio rebalancing on track. We highlight a few funds to help the process.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Wind Power's Top Turbine Makers

    Wind Power investments in the U.S. are limited, but there are options for creative investors. We examine a few top picks.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Three Winning Currency ETFs For The Short Term

    The downside of one currency could mean an upswing of another.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Fed Enabling Investment Banks' Addiction

    Constant incentives from the Fed are making the U.S. investment banks untouchable. Shouldn't they be punished for bad behavior?
  35. Stock Analysis

    FTI Consulting Loves Misery In Its Companies

    When the going gets tough, it seems the tough hire a consultant. FTI Consulting is seeing increased demand for its legal and financial advice.
  36. Stock Analysis

    A Buffet Of Breakfast Stocks

    Can you make money serving the most important meal of the day? Learn why baby boomers are the key market for these breakfast specialists.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Hedge Fund Mojo For A Sinking Portfolio

    We explore a trio of mutual funds using hedge fund strategies to beat the market. Can they soothe the pain for regular investors?
  38. Stock Analysis

    Shariah Compliance Principles

    Shariah compliant investments have social and financial rewards.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Panera Bread Battles Rising Wheat Prices

    Revenue continues to climb at Panera Bread, but rising wheat prices have cut into margins. Will Panera have to follow Starbucks' lead?
  40. Stock Analysis

    CH Robinson Rattles The Supply Chain

    CH Robinson is a transport company without any trucks. Learn why this unique business model is paying off.
  41. Stock Analysis

    Coach: Luxury Carpetbags For China

    With consumer spending stalled in the U.S., luxury handbag maker Coach is focusing on a new crop of fashion fanatics in China and India.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Caterpillar Digs Emerging Markets

    Caterpillar has made a big push into China and the Middle East. The move paid off and allowed the company to bury losses at home.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Portfolio Protection With ETFs

    Adding non-correlated assets shields a portfolio from volatility. We examine several exchange-traded funds that can be your buffer.
  44. Stock Analysis

    Duke Energy Goes Solar

    Duke has added renewable energy to its power generation portfolio. The company wants to reduce carbon emissions 50% by 2030.
  45. Stock Analysis

    Hedge Inflation With Gold ETFs

    Gold ETFs provide a refuge for investors. We examine top funds that focus on bullion, mining and futures contracts.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Hydrogen Fuels Honda

    Honda has just unveiled its new hydrogen fuel cell car, the FCX Clarity. The celebrity push is on, but will the public buy in?
  47. Stock Analysis

    Private Equity For The Public

    Private Equity firm American Capital Strategies offers an impressive dividend yield for those waiting out the credit crunch.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Global Property Managers Profit From U.S. Exodus

    With U.S. companies seeking greener pastures overseas, the firms who control the office buildings and factories should prosper.
  49. Stock Analysis

    Global Property Insurers Squeezed By Credit Markets

    XL Capital and ACE Limited are feeling the pinch of tight credit markets. Is this a value trap in the making?
  50. Stock Analysis

    T. Rowe Price Targets Retiring Boomers

    Target-date funds from T. Rowe Price are a hot retirement investment right now. Given its returns, the stock looks pretty good too.