Stock Analysis

  1. Goofy Stories From The November Market

    From opera singer board members to $11 billon slip-ups, we look back at a few strange ...
  2. Who Will Win The Coffee War?

    With many companies competing for your morning coffee, it can be hard to pick a leader.
  3. Finding Airline Alternatives

    We check in with United and see if there are better ways to invest in the American ...
  4. Reading The Book Retailers

    We look at a mixed group of book retailers and see if they can stand up to the latest ...
  5. Time To Get Defensive?

    Defense-related stocks could be a good bet given current world events.
  6. Tasty Beverage And Food Stocks

    We look at the cola wars and find some food stocks to bite into.
  7. The Burger Wars

    The Burger Wars are far from finished, but one fast food company certainly has a ...
  8. Pullback Equals Opportunity In Conglomerates

    Conglomerates can be a good buy when they have the right pieces.
  9. Homebuilding Stocks Aren't A Deal Yet

    For now, you'd be better off looking in other sectors for deals.
  10. Big News In Consumer Electronics

    Radio Shack is doing well, but there are M&A rumblings in the consumer electronics ...
  11. Indulge With Domestic Retailers

    Chains that sell home related products are in a good position as consumers begin ...
  12. Office Supply Retailers - Good Buy Or Goodbye?

    Staples recently announced better-than-expected earnings, but is this space worth ...
  13. 3 Bellwethers Worth A Look

    We look at some big stocks that look downright attractive given the recent sell-off ...
  14. Brands To Bet On

    A big brand can mean a big return for investors.
  15. Darlings On The Dip

    A sell-off creates buying opportunities for patient investors.
  16. Vacation Stocks Worth A Visit

    Here are some companies in the travel space that are poised to do well as the economy ...
  17. Tech Needs Love Now

    The tech space is worth looking at right now, and IBM especially.
  18. Time To Gobble Up Food Stocks

    With the summer season looming, these food brands look promising.
  19. Truly Delicious Stocks

    These fast food stocks look poised to profit from the recovery.
  20. Retail Stocks That Are A Good Fit

    We look at AnnTaylor's guidance and find some other possible winners in the retail ...
  21. Time To Shop Discount Or Wholesale?

    Wholesale and discount stores offer deals to consumers, but which is the better investment?
  22. Drug Companies With Tasty Medicine

    Merck is just one of the drug companies offering up tantalizing earnings per share.
  23. Are Car Rentals Ready To Slip Into High Gear?

    Dollar Thrifty is set to be bought out, but a bidding war could be on the horizon.
  24. Consumer Product Companies Shine

    Short- and long-term consumer product companies look like an attractive play and ...
  25. Why Investing In Kids Is A Good Bet

    The kids' retailing space seems to be rebounding just fine.
  26. Time To Buy The Big Names?

    We look at Fossil, Home Depot and Sears to see whether it's time to get involved, ...
  27. Companies Printing Money

    Xerox and several other companies have turned in good earnings numbers here in the ...
  28. Cult Stocks: Don't Drink The Kool-Aid

    Apple, Google and other cult-type stocks are flying high, but keep an eye out for ...
  29. Edible Earnings

    One area that has been increasing its business, as we continue to watch our day-to-day ...
  30. Tasty Profits, But Wait For A Pullback

    These companies have positive earnings releases, but investors shouldn't buy just ...
  31. Big Names To Watch

    We look at companies with long operating histories and consistent earnings that will ...
  32. Stocks That Will Deliver

    UPS's latest earnings are worth talking about.
  33. Retailers Getting A Bit Too Big For Their Britches

    Talbots seems overpriced and ripe for a fall.
  34. Time To Punch The Ticket On The Airlines?

    Airline stocks are doing well these days, but there are still many reasons to remain ...
  35. The Comeback Kids

    We look at some companies that have been rebounding, and some that might start.
  36. Jewelers' Futures Still Muddy

    Though the jewellery industry is gaining slightly, it may take some time before returing ...
  37. More Evidence That Discount Is Alive

    We take a look at TJX and other discount chains that have been beating estimates ...
  38. Discount Stores Still Making Big Bucks

    Dollar General, and other discount retailers, look promising during our economic ...
  39. Stocks That Could Stall In The Near-Term

    These four companies are pretty solid, but their respective stocks are not a good ...
  40. Can Tech Continue To Soar?

    The technology sector is already flying high, but is there even more room to soar?
  41. Companies Whipping Out Wallets To Buy Back Stock

    While a stock repurchase is no guarantee that a stock will increase in value, it ...
  42. 3 Companies That Are Raising Their Outlooks

    These three companies are raising their earnings forecasts despite lingering economic ...
  43. Companies With Targets On Their Backs

    For various reasons, interest in acquiring these companies has arisen lately.
  44. Starbucks Opens Its Wallet

    Starbucks recently approved a dividend for the first time, and announced a share ...
  45. Why This Market Makes Me Want To Do Drugs

    Walgreen's latest earnings release shouldn't turn investors off.
  46. Cruising Past Profit Expectations

    Vacation companies have suffered from the economic turmoil, but these cruise lines ...
  47. Stocks That Can Keep Soaring

    These stocks are trading high, but have the potential to soar even higher.
  48. As The Consumer Comes Back, So Will These Companies

    As more consumers are returning to stores, retailers and manufacturers will fare ...
  49. How Stable Is The Homebuilding Market?

    Though the economy will likely improve from here on, don't expect fast results in ...
  50. Companies Poised To Profit From The Rebound

    In this piece I discuss companies that can profit from the domestic economic rebound ...
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