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  1. Stock Analysis

    Merck Needs Investor Relations Lesson (MRK)

    A top Merck exec said the company isn't considering any mega mergers. Is this a case of bad IR?
  2. Stock Analysis

    Disney's Drop May Be An Opportunity (DIS)

    Disney's second-quarter earnings exceeded expectations, but its revenue line fell short. What does this mean for the stock?
  3. Stock Analysis

    Checkout Time At The Hilton (HLT)

    Despite decent Q1 earnings, dwindling travel numbers will hurt the hotel chain in the near term.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Buyout Or Not, Wendy's A Good Deal (WEN)

    Billionaire Nelson Peltz is interested in Wendy's, but the company has upside beyond a simple buyout.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Office Depot's Mediocre Q1 (ODP)

    Office Depot reported a so-so first quarter, leaving investors little to get excited about.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Johnson & Johnson Blows Away Q1 (JNJ)

    J&amp;J beat its Q1 consensus number with ease, so where is the stock is headed from here?
  7. Stock Analysis

    A Buying Opportunity for PetSmart Shares (PETM)

    The recent pet food recall is having an adverse impact on pet food sales. However, I believe that the stock is a buy in spite of the news.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Monster's Stock Is Just Too Scary (MNST)

    Monster Worldwide - the parent company of Monster.com indicated that it's Q1 sales will come in under plan. I will review the situation.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Buybacks Aren't Always What They Seem

    I will discuss stock buybacks - and why they aren't always what they're cracked up to be.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Why PE Firms May be Interested in the Trump Brand (TRMP)

    A look at the characteristics of Trump Entertainment and why it may be a good target for PE firms.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Sabre Provides Insight into What PE Firms Look For (TSG)

    Sabre, the well-known travel firm, has accepted a buyout offer from two private equity firms.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Starbucks' Growth Aspirations Might Come at a Cost (SBUX)

    Starbucks has a bold plan to open 10,000 new stores, but such rapid expansion in a short time could come at a high price.
  13. Stock Analysis

    There's Still Room for Two Winners (WAG, CVS)

    Analysts have been battling over whether WAG or CVS is the better play, but the pie could be big enough for both.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Market Musings (HPQ, WMT)

    Two interesting pieces of news about two big name stocks -- should investors be paying attention?
  15. Stock Analysis

    The Advantages of Going Private

    A look inside the advantages of private equity deals, and what stocks may be prime targets for PE firms going forward.
  16. Stock Analysis

    "Sorry" Just Doesn't Cut It (JBLU)

    JetBlue is doing its best to make ammends for its recent flight delays, but investors should refuse to accept the apology until it is backed up with some solid fundamentals.
  17. Stock Analysis

    You Gotta Know When To Bail

    When your stock's prospects take a turn for the worse, bailing out can be the best possible option.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Starbucks Set To Pick Up (SBUX)

    With strong growth prospects in the mix, SBUX shares look like a good bargain at current prices.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Margins Matter (MCD, WEN, BKC)

    Just how important are margins on your stocks' prices?
  20. Stock Analysis

    P/E Ratios Still Matter

    High P/E stocks are almost always more glamorous than their low P/E counterparts, but are they more profitable?
  21. Stock Analysis

    Place Your Bid on eBay (EBAY)

    With a strong recent quarter and solid outlook, investors would be wise to bid on EBAY.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Paying Steep CEO Salaries For Flat Share Price Performance

    Are the lucrative pay packages of today's prominent executives really worth the high price tag?
  23. Stock Analysis

    Minding The Gap (GPS)

    Despite recent buzz about a potential buyout, investors should wait until The Gap goes on sale before snapping up some shares.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Stock Options Take A Bite Out Of Apple (AAPL)

    With stock option problems still in the mix, investors should steer clear of AAPL shares for the time being.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Short Circuited (CC)

    With a weak recent quarter and few catalysts for the near-term future, Circuit City appears to be shorting out.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Don't Pull The Trigger On Cisco Just yet (CSCO)

    Cisco's recent fundamentals have been smoking hot, but investors should wait to pull the trigger on CSCO shares.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Netflix Not Done Yet (NFLX)

    Sizing up the many pros and cons of NFLX.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Google Ponies Up For YouTube (GOOG)

    Google's YouTube purchase appears to make good business sense, but does it make GOOG shares a buy?
  29. Stock Analysis

    HP's Pretexting Scandal Over-Dunn? (HPQ)

    While HP has been surrounded by bad press recently, the company's stock appears to be a great investment at current prices.
  30. Stock Analysis

    This Yahoo Deserves Some Respect (YHOO)

    With YHOO trading near 52-week lows, the dominant internet company may be providing a ripe buying opportunity.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Nike No Longer The Top Banana (NKE)

    While Nike managed beat estimates with its recent quarterly performance, are the glory days over for the footwear mogul?
  32. Stock Analysis

    Consolidation Looks To Be In The Cards (MRK, BMY, SGP)

    A look into the merger possiblities of three of the drug industry's major players.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Three Stocks Worth A Look (AAPL, INTC, PG)

    Do these three large caps have what it takes to move onwards and upwards?
  34. Stock Analysis

    General Motors: For The Long Haul

    Is GM ready to drive over the competition?
  35. Stock Analysis

    Insider Activity Analysis

    Insider trading activity is a good place to start your analysis.
  36. Stock Analysis

    These 2 Firms May Have a Few Good 'Puffs' Left...

    Fallen Angels: Part 5 of 5
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