Edward Stavetski

Edward Stavetski

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  1. Stock Analysis

    No Place To Hide In Retail (BJ)

    BJ Wholesale Club's Q4 earnings were dismal. Is this a start of a downward spiral or just a hiccup in grand scheme of things?
  2. Stock Analysis

    Abbott Labs Healing Nicely (ABT)

    ABT's Q4 earnings were a pleasant surprise. It's poised to surprise investors again when it releases earnings later this week.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Can Foot Locker Outrun its Troubles? (FL)

    On the surface, Foot Locker doesn't appear to be financially spectacular, but maybe it hasn't put its best foot forward yet.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Riding High Once Again (RL)

    Is the quality of Polo Ralph Lauren stock as good as the clothes that the company makes? A brief look in Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Move Your Money into Off-Shore Banks (AIB)

    A look at the relatively unique advantages of an investment in off-shore financial services firm AIB.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Protect Your Portfolio - (AH)

    Can Armor Holdings Add Stregth To Your Core Holdings?
  7. Stock Analysis

    Dude, You Should Buy Dell! (DELL)

    Despite some historic blunders, Dell could be ready to mail you more then just computers.
  8. Stock Analysis

    JoS. A. Bank Redux (JOSB)

    Since the end of August, investors in JOSB have had a roller coaster ride. JOSB is a long-term value and investors should not be discouraged by short-term action in the stock.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Debt Insurance Stocks Starting To Look Risky (ABK, MBI, ...

    Spiraling state and municipal government debt loads are a concern for muni bondholders, but also pose surprise risk to equity holders as well.