Jonathan Berr

  1. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    These Oil ETFs Offer Cheap, Easy Access

    Interested in investing in oil and the companies that extract and refine it? Here's a list of ETFs. Just be wary of fees.
  2. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    Why Monthly Dividend ETFs are Good for Everyone

    Monthly dividend ETFs can help ease the financial stress on investors of all ages. Here are a few fund names for you to consider.
  3. Trading Strategies

    The Best Bets In Dividend Stocks

    Though dividends are thought to realm of conservative investors, they deserve a place in all portfolios. Here are some of the best bets.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Why Facebook Should Buy Twitter

    Facebook and Twitter could make the perfect power couple. Is now the time for a deal to happen?
  5. Stock Analysis

    Why Wal-Mart Needs To Expand Into Financial Services

    Wal-Mart's slow but steady push into the financial services sector could help jumpstart the chain's moribund U.S. sales.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Don't Believe The Hype About A Yahoo Turnaround

    Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer has recently claimed the company's core display advertising business is starting to show signs of a turnaround. Unfortunately, there may be less to this achievement ...
  7. Stock Analysis

    Message To Ted: CNN Isn't A Winner With Time Warner Today

    CNN's recent history is chock-full of missed opportunities; It's doubtful that Time Warner would launch CNN today.
  8. Stock Analysis

    McDonald's Can No Longer Thrive on Just Burgers And Fries

    Once an innovator, McDonald's new products like Mighty Wings and McWraps aren't whetting consumer appetites. The burger chain has instead become a follower of Wendy's and Taco Bell.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Better Times Ahead For Yum Brands?

    Yum Brands CEO David Nowak talks a good game, but can he deliver? Even under the best of scenario, the amiable CEO is going to be hard-pressed to deliver the 20 percent EPS growth he is promising.
  10. Stock Analysis

    The Time Is Right To Buy Hewlett-Packard

    Though it faces many challenges, shares of Hewlett-Packard are too cheap to ignore.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Is There A Light At The End Of The Tunnel For J.C. Penney?

    Shares of the beleaguered retailer soared Wednesday after it told Wall Street that its holiday season would be its best in years. Unfortunately, it's not clear when it will profitable.
  12. Stock Analysis

    It's Time To Tune In To Sirius

    Sirius is back in Wall Street's dog house but investors willing to assume some risk should take a chance on the satellite radio provider, which has proven the naysaysers wrong for years.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Disney's Earnings Were Not As Magical As Many Investors ...

    Walt Disney (DIS) have "wished upon a star" for better earnings. This quarter they got them though Mickey Mouse's corporate parent isn't growing as fast as its rivals.
  14. Stock Analysis

    LinkedIn Guidance Spooks Investors

    Some analysts say LinkedIn's disappointing earnings prove it has run afoul of "The Law of Large Numbers." Many of those same analysts said the same of Google and Facebook, only to be proven wrong.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Burger King’s Stock Looks Tasty

    Burger King Worldwide yesterday reported it earned an adjusted profit of 23 cents per share two cents higher than analysts expected.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Amazon’s Profitless Triumph (Nasdaq:AMZN) shares are trading near an all-time high even though the company hasn’t earned big profits since around 2010, lost money in 2012 and finished the latest quarter in the red.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Microsoft Surprises The Street With Good Earnings

    Microsoft released better-than-expected earnings. Even with the recent run-up, it remains too cheap for investors to ignore.
  18. Stock Analysis

    How 3M Got Back Into Wall Street’s Good Book

    3M reported better than expected earnings and raised its guidance. We'll take a closer look at the news and decipher if now is the right time to consider taking a position.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Boeing Shares Climb Thanks To Strong Earnings

    Boeing reported better-than-expected quarterly earnings fueled by a 14% surge in deliveries.
  20. Stock Analysis

    When Will The Pain End For Caterpillar?

    Caterpillar reported earnings that were far worse than analysts expected and slashed its outlook for the year. We'll take a look at whether now is the time to buy the stock.
  21. Stock Analysis

    Why Coach Isn’t Fashionable With Investors

    Shares of Coach plunged about 8% yesterday after the largest maker of high-end handbags reported worse-than-expected quarterly results.
  22. Stock Analysis

    Jamie Dimon Steers JPMorgan Through Rough Waters

    JPMorgan Settles a $13 billion legal battle that address the myriad of issues surrounding Wall Street’s largest bank, investors were not put off in the least.
  23. Stock Analysis

    McDonald's Wings Not So Mighty As Sales Suffer

    Shares of McDonalds, fell 61 cents to $94.59 on Monday after it reported sales for the quarter ended September 30 of $7.23 billion, an increase of 2.4%, which trailed analysts’ expectations of $7.32 billion. ...
  24. Stock Analysis

    Google Cracks $1,000, Buy On A Pullback

    Google cracked the $1,000 level after the search engine giant posted quarterly results that were far better than the most optimistic of analysts’ expectations.
  25. Stock Analysis

    GE Is Firing On All Cylinders

    General Electric today reported better-than-expected results, as Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt’s strategy of shrinking its finance unit, slashing costs and investing in its industrial business is paying ...
  26. Stock Analysis

    The Secret To PepsiCo’s Success Isn’t Soda

    PepsiCo. (NYSE:PEP) may be losing the Cola Wars to rival Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO), but it’s winning the hearts and minds of investors by focusing on its other strengths.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Why 'Big Blue' Is Singing The Blues

    International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM), long considered by investors to be a calm port in the often-stormy seas of technology, has fallen into a fiscal abyss from which there is no easy exit.
  28. Stock Analysis

    It's Time To Check Out Supermarket Stocks

    Grocery chains have been holding up remarkably well, much better that the companies that were supposedly going to eat their lunch.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Is Now The Time To Buy Yum Brands?

    Yum Brands’ efforts to turnaround its beleaguered China division, which has been hurt by concerns about the safety of its food and growing competition from local rivals. Has the misstep in Asia created ...
  30. Stock Analysis

    Wal-Mart Is Helping U.S. Manufacturers By Helping Itself

    Wal-Mart Stores has pledged to spend $50 billion more on buying American over the next decade.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Why Angie’s List Doesn’t Rate Well With Shareholders

    In this article we'll examine several factors that are putting pressure on the stock price of Angie's List.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Activist Investors Set Their Sights On Bill Gates

    Activist investors are setting their sites on Bill Gates and want him off of Microsoft's board. Many feel that he hold an inadequate amount of power given his current level of ownership.
  33. Stock Analysis

    The Many Challenges To McDonald's Growth

    Ever since Don Thompson became Chief Executive of McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) last year, he has had a rough go of it. Wall Street was stunned in November 2012 when the chain reported its first decline ...
  34. Stock Analysis

    The Shine Is Off Lumber Liquidators

    Lumber Liquidators (NYSE:LL) last week made headlines after federal authorities raided the company’s Virginia headquarters
  35. Stock Analysis

    Obamacare Is Coming, Ready Or Not

    There’s going to be plenty of money to be made in Obamacare, but investors need to be selective to find the best value. We'll take a look at a few ideas.
  36. Stock Analysis

    Nobody Wins When The Government Shuts Down

    The government is on the verge of its first shutdown in 17 years because some Republican members in the House are insisting that President Obama either delay or repeal parts of Obamacare.
  37. Stock Analysis

    Why Wal-Mart’s Hiring Plans May Be Good News For Investors

    Stung by complaints of bare shelves and poor customer service, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE:WMT), is hiring 70,000 part-time and full-time workers and 55,000 temporary staff to help out with the holiday ...
  38. Stock Analysis

    Disney Films Come Into Focus

    Walt Disney’s (NYSE:DIS) decision to delay the release of the Pixar animated feature “The Good Dinosaur” by 14 months sent tongues wagging in Hollywood, but barely caused a ripple on Wall Street.
  39. Stock Analysis

    The News About Newspaper Publishers Is Surprisingly Good

    The news about newspaper stocks is surprisingly good. Indeed, the sector that every investing pundit loves to hate has been beaten to a bloody pulp over the last few years is starting to show signs of ...