Jon Friedman

Jon Friedman wrote MarketWatch's media column from 1999 to 2013. Previously, he was a Wall Street reporter and columnist with Bloomberg News for six years. He also covered the financial industry for Business Week, USA Today, Investor's Business Daily and others while writing freelance articles for the Sunday New York Times Business Section.
Jon is also the author of "Forget About Today: Bob Dylan's Genius for (Re)Inventing Himself, Shunning the Naysayers, and Creating a Personal Revolution," which Penguin published in August 2012. He is the co-author of "House of Cards: Inside the Troubled Empire of American Express," published by Putnam in March 1992. He profiled Emily's List founder Ellen Malcolm for The New York Times Sunday Magazine (May 2, 1993) and his freelance work has appeared in publications as diverse as The Fiscal Times, Newsmax, The Motley Fool, and Adweek. A native of Jericho, N.Y., he holds an MSJ degree from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism and a B.A. from Stony Brook University in New York. He lives and works in New York, N.Y.

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  1. Investing News

    Learn from These Big CEO Blunders

    A ceo can seem to have it all: power, influence and gravitas. But it can all erode — along with a company’s share price — in the wake of a scandal.
  2. Stock Analysis

    What Makes LinkedIn Different From Facebook and Twitter

    Even with its network of 250 million members, Mountain View, Calif.-based LinkedIn Corp. is often overlooked when it comes to social-media companies.
  3. Stock Analysis

    The Good News Behind Twitter's Losses

    Twitter may not earn a profit now, but its business model suggests it will eventually become as successful as Facebook.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Why Facebook Will Keep Making Money

    Facebook's acquisition of virtual-reality company Oculus, like its success selling mobile ads, shows the company's willingness to move to any platform that promises growth.
  5. Investing News

    Diversity: Your Shield From Madoff-Style Investment Scams

    The best way to prevent being stung in a modern-day Ponzi scheme is diversity - not just within your portfolio, but also in the people who handle your investments.
  6. Stock Analysis

    Netflix: Should You Buy Or Hold Or Sell?

    Ultimately, an investor has to trust the decisions and strategies of the company’s management. History is on the side of CEO Hastings, who seems to have a knack for both surprising and pleasing the market. ...
  7. Personal Finance

    What Baby Boomers Need To Know About Making Out A Will

    Squarely addressing the prospect of your own mortality can be upsetting enough. But the financial questions surrounding what and how to arrange for one's heirs are disconcerting, too.
  8. Retirement

    Is It Ever Wise To Make Early Withdrawals From Your 401(k)?

    Investment experts generally frown on early withdrawals from a 401(k) account, but there may be some instances where it's wise to take money out of this tax-free investment.
  9. Investing News

    Should You Invest In Stocks Or Commodities In 2014?

    It's the dawn of a new year and investors are facing an array of fresh challenges. One of the intriguing investment parlor games is to contemplate whether stocks or commodities loom as the vehicles offering ...
  10. Personal Finance

    How To Find A New Financial Advisor Who's Right For You

    It is a jolt when a long-time financial consultant leaves your sphere, because he or she has retired, passed away or been fired from his or her investment firm. One thing is for sure: You shouldn’t make ...
  11. Investing News

    Why Facebook Investors Should Fret That Young Teen Users ...

    David Ebersman of Facebook told Wall Street analysts during a conference call that Facebook during the third quarter the company did see a decrease in (teenagers’) daily uses, especially younger teens. ...
  12. Investing News

    How Much Exposure to Technology Stocks Should You Have?

    How Much of a Technology-Stocks Exposure Should You Have in your portfolio? Every investor is totally different, in many cases it has more to do with the individual’s risk tolerance.
  13. Investing News

    Can Reed Hastings' Netflix Succeed Jobs And Apple?

    Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq:NFLX) has become the company that everyone wants to talk about. On Wall Street, giddy investors pinch themselves as they scoop up large returns on investments. Netflix' stock has ...
  14. Personal Finance

    How Do I Know I Can Trust My Financial Advisor?

    Savvy investors know to ask an advisor questions on these five essential subjects:
  15. Stock Analysis

    Time Is On Symmetricom’s Side

    The atomic clock equipment maker Symmetricom Inc.’s (Nasdaq:SYMM) stock exploded on Tuesday after the power-management chipmaker Microsemi Corp. (Nasdaq:MSCC) offered to acquire the company for roughly ...
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