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  1. Investing News

    Bayer Announces $62B All-Cash Bid for Monsanto (MON)

    Pharma giant Bayer has offered $62B, or $122 per share, to acquire Monsanto.
  2. Investing

    Panama Papers Firms Lost $230B in Market Cap, More Surprises

    Experts predict that the fallout from the Panama Papers has only just begun.
  3. Investing News

    Panama Papers Name Emma Watson, Emilio Estevez, Other Celebs

    If you're mad at David Cameron, brace yourself to be mad at Hermione Granger as well. And possibly one Charlie's Angel. And the world's most beautiful woman.
  4. Investing

    Panama Papers Data Dump: Biggest Surprises

    First of all, there aren't 214,000 entities mentioned--there are more than 320,000.
  5. Investing

    Panama Papers: Searchable Database of All 214,000 Parties ...

    Prepare for global mayhem.
  6. Investing News

    David Einhorn: Short Caterpillar, Long GM (CAT, GM)

    GM's not at peak and Caterpillar is not at trough, says one of the investing world's most colorful speakers, David Einhorn.
  7. Investing

    Stanley Druckenmiller Warns: ‘Fed Has No Endgame’

    Why today is like (and not like) 1981 – a warning from Stanley Druckenmiller, the world's most famous forex trader.
  8. Investing

    Ira Sohn Conf. 2016: Nerd Prom for Investors

    Sohn Investment Conference 2016, nerd prom and Met Gala for the investor set, is upon us. Here is an almost live blog.
  9. Investing

    This Investor Says Amazon is $3T Opp Hiding in Plain Sight

    Amazon has a potential to grow to a $3 trillion company by 2025, says this investor.
  10. Investing

    Conscious Capitalism: Not Just for Hippies Anymore

    The dichotomy of do-gooder vs. profit-seeker may be at an end, according to proponents of the increasingly popular conscious capitalism movement.
  11. Investing

    Happy Pi Day: How to Save Money Using Pi (DPZ, YUM)

    Happy 3/14, or "Pi Day." As Pizza Hut pointed out on its blog, "Pi is everyone's favorite irrational number."
  12. Investing

    Kanye Tweets Asking Zuckerberg for $1B

    So, Martin Shkreli is not the only celebrity who seems unable to understand how to use Twitter.
  13. Investing News

    Yo Shkreli: Kanye Doesn't Want Your $10M, Bromance

    Martin Shkreli, I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but you might be one of the weirdest ex-CEOs of all time. Of all time!
  14. Investing News

    ABC's Madoff Miniseries Explores His Charm, Smarm

    An ABC miniseries on Ponzi scheme king Bernie Madoff gets inside the head of a man who was, in fact, not too big to fail.
  15. Investing

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and the 99%

    Vampires have money. Zombies and zombie-hunters are basically everybody else.
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