Russ Koesterich

Russ Koesterich

Russ Koesterich, CFA, is the Chief Investment Strategist for BlackRock and iShares Chief Global Investment Strategist.

He is a founding member of the Blackrock Investment Institute, delivering BlackRock’s insights on global investment issues. During his 20+ year career as an investment researcher and strategist, Russ has served as the Global Head of Investment Strategy for scientific active equities and as senior portfolio manager in the US Market Neutral Group at BlackRock.

Russ is a frequent contributor to financial news media and can regularly be seen on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV. He is the author of two books, including his most recent “The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble,” which details how to position portfolios for the impact of the growing U.S. deficit. Russ is also regularly quoted in print media including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today,, and MarketWatch.

Russ earned a BA in history from Brandeis University, a JD from Boston College and an MBA in capital markets from Columbia University.

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  1. Bonds / Fixed Income

    The Hidden Portfolio Risk in Higher Rates

    We discuss the implications of a higher rate regime for your portfolio. The answer may surprise you.
  2. Markets & Economy

    Will the U.S. Election Really Matter for Markets?

    Find out why the U.S. election may have less of an impact on markets than many are expecting.
  3. Commodities

    Gold is Still a Good Hedge when Volatility Rises

    With volatility low and interest rates poised to rise, why hold gold? We discuss the important role it plays in a portfolio as a hedge.
  4. Markets & Economy

    Once Again, It’s Too Quiet Out There

    Russ discusses what's behind the unusually low volatility in the markets, and what could bring an end to the days of calm.
  5. Markets & Economy

    The Elusive Spark Needed for the Rally to Continue

    Against most expectations, U.S. stocks are turning in a respectable performance this year. The S&P 500 is now up 7% year-to-date, recovering from what would charitably be described as a shaky start to ...
  6. Investing Strategy

    The Case for Sticking With High Yield

    Find out why between the market low in February and the July peak, high yield bonds rallied roughly 15%, according to Bloomberg data.
  7. Investing Strategy

    How to Get Your Portfolio to Eat Its Duration

    Learn why while most investors realize that traditional bonds dampen portfolio volatility, it’s hard to commit to an asset class unlikely to produce any real return.
  8. Investing Strategy

    Should Investors Care that Stocks are Expensive?

    Coincident to the latest string of market records, another milestone was recently hit.
  9. Investing Strategy

    Don’t Blame The U.S. for The Yield Meltdown

    This month added another bizarre chapter to the seemingly endless drop in bond yields.
  10. Investing Strategy

    Chart of The Week: 4 Reasons You Should Still Invest Abroad

    Though this year has not been a stellar one for many markets don’t be so quick to abandon investing outside the US. Here are four reasons to not throw in the towel on your overseas investments.
  11. Investing Strategy

    Why are Investors Refusing to Let Go of Their Safety Blanket?

    Russ describes why the “risk “off” assets are thriving despite the “risk on” post Brexit vote.
  12. Investing Strategy

    What Happened to the Bull Market?

    Stocks suffered a horrific sell-off following the surprise vote by the UK to exit the EU. But what happened to the bull market? These three trends help answer that question.
  13. Investing Strategy

    3 Guidelines to Navigate the Economic Fog

    Here are three guidelines to help investors navigate the current murky economic picture.
  14. Investing Strategy

    What Price to Pay for Yield?

    Investors are increasingly willing to pay a premium for any alternative. The question now is: how much is too much?
  15. High Net Worth Strategy

    Keep Calm and Add More Carry

    Investors need to consider the role of positive cash flow which is referred to as “carry” by financial professionals. Here are three trends to support a greater focus on carry in a portfolio.
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