Russ Koesterich

Russ Koesterich

Russ Koesterich, CFA, is the Chief Investment Strategist for BlackRock and iShares Chief Global Investment Strategist.

He is a founding member of the Blackrock Investment Institute, delivering BlackRock’s insights on global investment issues. During his 20+ year career as an investment researcher and strategist, Russ has served as the Global Head of Investment Strategy for scientific active equities and as senior portfolio manager in the US Market Neutral Group at BlackRock.

Russ is a frequent contributor to financial news media and can regularly be seen on CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV. He is the author of two books, including his most recent “The Ten Trillion Dollar Gamble,” which details how to position portfolios for the impact of the growing U.S. deficit. Russ is also regularly quoted in print media including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today,, and MarketWatch.

Russ earned a BA in history from Brandeis University, a JD from Boston College and an MBA in capital markets from Columbia University.

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  1. Investing

    What’s Behind the Tech Selloff

    Russ discusses why many technology stocks have tumbled recently, without any obvious reason.
  2. Investing

    Don’t Read Too Much Into the Dollar’s Decline

    Russ explains the different circumstances that have pushed the U.S. dollar downward and what the recent retreat means for ...
  3. Markets & Economy

    Keep Your Eyes On the Credit Markets, Not Washington

    With political uncertainty on the rise in D.C., will market volatility spike? Russ discusses why the economy and credit markets ...
  4. Investing

    The Yield “Melt-Up” That Wasn’t

    Russ talks about why bond yields remain low this year, despite expectations of a rise.
  5. Markets & Economy

    What I Learned at the Milken Conference

    Russ discusses the important trends that emerged from a compelling conference of finance, business and political leaders. ...
  6. Markets & Economy

    Preventive Medicine: Playing Defense with Health Care

    With risks abounding in the markets, Russ discusses the case for health care as a defensive sector.
  7. Markets & Economy

    Reflation Moderation

    We discuss what comes next after the “reflation trade" that began in late 2016 which has lost steam.
  8. Investing

    Small Caps Looking for a Catalyst

    Small cap stocks are faltering this year. Russ describes why and whether that will continue.
  9. Investing

    The Seesaw Relationship of Volatility and Momentum Stocks

    Volatility is creeping back into the markets. Russ discusses why that holds some peril for momentum stocks.
  10. Investing

    To Hedge or Not to Hedge?

    Although the value of a currency can impact your international holdings, Russ talks about when it makes sense to hedge that ...
  11. Insights

    Are U.S. Banks Still Cheap?

    Financial stocks have been rallying on the expectations of higher interest rates and less regulation. Russ discusses whether ...
  12. Markets & Economy

    Blending the Ingredients of a Portfolio

    While most investors focus on potential returns in their portfolios, Russ discusses why risk and correlation are just as ...
  13. Markets & Economy

    Why Value is Still a Value

    The rally in value stocks may have stalled, but Russ discusses why the trend still has further to go.
  14. Markets & Economy

    Volatility Divergence

    Volatility is low, but political uncertainty is high. Russ discusses what is causing this and whether it can continue.
  15. Markets & Economy

    Inflation Comes Skulking Back

    Russ discusses the signs that inflation is rising faster than many expect, and what that means for your portfolio.
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