Casey Murphy

Casey Murphy previously worked as the Product manager of Investopedia's markets, active trading and forex channels. Casey's areas of specialization include active trading, technical analysis, ETFs, commodities, options and forex.

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  1. ETFs

    These Charts Suggest Biotech Is Heading Higher (IBB, CELG)

    The recent long-term buy signals on these biotechnology stocks suggest that this could be the beginning of a long-term uptrend. ...
  2. Chart Strategy

    3 Reasons to Buy Lithium (LIT, TSLA)

    Bullish chart patterns on key lithium-related assets suggest now could be the time to buy this strategic commodity. (LIT,TSLA,SQM)
  3. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Turn Bullish on Utilities (XLU, NEE)

    Bullish chart patterns on a key utility-related fund suggest that the long-term uptrend could just be getting started. (XLU, ...
  4. Chart Strategy

    Spring 2017 Could Be a Bad Time to Buy Commodities (DBC, DBA)

    Bearish chart patterns on key commodity-related ETFs suggest that prices could be headed lower over the coming weeks and ...
  5. Chart Strategy

    Now is the Time to Focus on Small-Cap Stocks (IJR, SCZ)

    The charts of these small-cap ETFs suggest small-cap stocks are poised to make a move higher.(IJR,SCZ)
  6. Chart Strategy

    Now is the Time to Watch Agriculture and Base Metals (DBB, DBA)

    Oil and gold have taken up most of the media's attention when it comes to commodities, but it could be a good time to check ...
  7. Chart Strategy

    The Bears Take Aim at Pharmaceuticals (PPH, PJP)

    Nearby resistance on the charts of ETFs that track the pharmaceutical sector suggest that prices are headed lower.
  8. Chart Strategy

    Traders Turn Defensive and Look to Basic Materials for Support (DD, DOW)

    Bullish chart patterns on basic materials stocks suggest traders are turning defensive. We'll take a look at several charts ...
  9. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Turn Bullish on Real Estate (IYR, RWO)

    Bullish chart patterns on key assets relating to real estate suggest now is the time to buy.
  10. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Are Not Giving Up on Commodities (GSG, REMX)

    Bullish chart patterns and nearby support are triggering a renewed interest in commodities. These charts of these three ETFs ...
  11. Chart Strategy

    Add Some Sophistication to Your Portfolio With These 3 ETFs

    Bullish chart patterns suggest that these ETFs could give your portfolio the much-needed boost it needs.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Trade the Move in Commodities With These ETFs (COMT, COW)

    Bullish chart patterns combined with nearby support makes now an interesting time to buy into commodities.(COMT,COW)
  13. Chart Strategy

    Triangle Patterns Suggest These 3 ETFs Are Headed Higher (XLV, EWJ)

    Bullish chart patterns such as the popular ascending triangle suggest that the bulls are in control. Watch these stocks: ...
  14. Chart Strategy

    Charts Suggest Energy and Agriculture are Heading Higher (XLE, PDBC)

    Bullish chart patterns on three key ETFs suggest that the energy and agriculture sectors are headed higher.
  15. Chart Strategy

    Now Is the Time to Invest in Developed Markets

    Bullish chart patterns shown on the charts of developed markets suggests that investors are looking to diversify their holdings ...
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