Casey Murphy

Casey Murphy previously worked as the Product manager of Investopedia's markets, active trading and forex channels. Casey's areas of specialization include active trading, technical analysis, ETFs, commodities, options and forex.

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  1. Chart Advisor

    Active Traders Should Be Picky When Buying Into Retail Stocks

    Based on the chart of this ETF active traders should be careful when buying into retail.
  2. Chart Advisor

    Active Traders Continue to Bet Against Copper (FCX, JJC)

    The charts of these copper-related assets suggest that prices are headed lower. How are you trading the move?
  3. Chart Advisor

    Active Traders Turn to the Stability of Bonds (BNDX, VCIT)

    Volatility in the equity markets is driving active traders to these bond funds. Based on the charts, now could be the time to buy.
  4. Chart Advisor

    Active Traders Are Turning to Soft Commodities for Answers

    Based on the charts of these exchange traded notes now is the time to buy soft commodities such as coffee and sugar.
  5. Chart Advisor

    3 Charts International Investors Should Watch

    The charts of three different country-specific ETFs are suggesting a major shift in the trend.
  6. Chart Advisor

    3 Commodity Stocks Poised to Pop (VALE, AU)

    Pullbacks toward key support levels suggest now could be a good time to buy commodity stocks.
  7. Chart Advisor

    Semiconductor Stocks Setting Up For a Move Lower (INTC, ...

    The chart of this semiconductor ETF suggests that this segment of the tech sector is next to move lower.
  8. Chart Advisor

    Now Is the Time to Buy Gold (ABX, GG)

    Gold has broken above the resistance of a key trendline, which has put the attention on gold stocks.
  9. Chart Advisor

    The Chart of This ETF Suggests That Tech Stocks Are Headed ...

    Technology stocks have recently broken below key levels of support. These charts suggest that the next move is lower.
  10. Chart Advisor

    These Charts Suggest Commodities Are Headed Higher (DBB, ...

    Recent moves above key trendlines on these charts suggest that commodities are headed higher from here.
  11. Chart Advisor

    These Two Emerging Markets Are Set to Move Higher (PIN, ...

    Active traders are turning their attention to the emerging markets because the price of a key exchange traded fund that tracks the segment has recently crossed above a key level of resistance.
  12. Chart Advisor

    Infrastructure Stocks Could Be Headed Lower

    The downtrends and other bearish patterns on the charts of several key ETFs suggest that the trend is readying for a move lower.
  13. Chart Advisor

    These Charts Suggest That Commodities Are Headed Lower (RIC)

    Bullish momentum over the past couple of months has pushed commodity-related stocks towards the resistance of their 200-day moving average
  14. Chart Advisor

    Small Caps Are Headed For A Pullback (IWM, VSS)

    The charts of the ETFs that track small-cap stocks look poised for a drop.
  15. Chart Advisor

    Now Is Not the Time to Trade a Bounce in Coal (KOL, TONS)

    These coal-related exchange traded products are trading near the resistance of their long-term moving averages.
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