Casey Murphy

Casey Murphy previously worked as the Product manager of Investopedia's markets, active trading and forex channels. Casey's areas of specialization include active trading, technical analysis, ETFs, commodities, options and forex.

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  1. Investing Strategy

    How to Invest in Penny Stocks (ADAT, ANAD)

    Is the lure of finding a diamond in the rough too strong to ignore? Then here's a guide to investing in penny stocks.
  2. Chart Strategy

    Traders Turn To The Stability of Utilities (XLU, DUK)

    The relatively low correlation between utilities and the broader equity markets make this an ideal segment for investors looking to hedge their bets.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Traders Turn Bullish On Soft Commodities (SGG, JO)

    Soft commodities, which are grown rather than mined, have been quietly making significant moves higher.
  4. Commodities

    Data Suggest Now is the Time to Buy Mining Stocks

    Chart patterns are sending out strong risk/reward signals for commodities in general and mining companies in particular. Data indicate these companies offer particular opportunities to proactive traders. ...
  5. Chart Strategy

    Focus On Industrials and Homebuilders With These ETFs (XLI, ...

    A strong rally in the industrial goods sector has triggered the interest of many active traders.
  6. ETFs

    Active Traders Turn Bullish on Biotech

    The recent price activity of two key ETFs suggests that the biotech sector is poised for a comeback.
  7. Commodities

    (GLD, DBC)

    The recent pullback in the commodities market has pushed the price of key ETFs toward long-term support levels.
  8. Chart Strategy

    Invest in Consumer Discretionary With This ETF (XLY, AMZN)

    In the article below, we’ll take a look at several charts and see where strategic traders are currently placing their bets.
  9. Chart Strategy

    Traders Are Turning Bullish On Industrial Metals (JJU, JJM)

    Copper, aluminum and zinc can often be used by strategic traders as a barometer of the state of the global economy.
  10. Investing Strategy

    Penny Stocks to Watch for August 2016 (CDTI)

    Penny stocks are generally risky; however, these five experienced an incredible run in July 2016 and look like they may keep going.
  11. Trading Strategy

    Is technical analysis a self-fulfilling prophecy?

    Technical analysis seems to be useful, but some say it is simply reinforcing what investors believe.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Are Turning Bullish on Financials

    The financials industry is often considered one of the most stable segments for investment. Is now the time to buy these ETFs that track the financials?
  13. Chart Strategy

    Active Traders Turn Their Attention to Forestry

    Bullish chart patterns on many key forestry-related assets suggest now could be the time to invest in this underfollowed segment.
  14. ETFs

    3 ETFs for Trading the Breakout in Technology

    Based on the bullish chart patterns of these 3 ETFs, now could be a great time to buy tech stocks.
  15. Chart Strategy

    Now Is the Time to Buy Sugar and Coffee (JO, SGG)

    Most traders are currently focused on hard commodities such as gold and oil. However, bullish price action in coffee and futures suggest now is the time to invest in soft commodities.
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