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As the world's largest asset manager, Blackrock believes in openness, transparency, and honesty. It’s how we fulfill our mission: empowering investors and investment professionals to achieve their goals. The Blog furthers that commitment, by providing visitors to the Blog with market insights and analysis from some of the preeminent thought leaders at Blackrock & iShares.

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  1. Markets & Economy

    One Place to Look for Income Now

    Find out why emerging market (EM) debt is enjoying robust returns this year.
  2. Markets & Economy

    The Indian Story, Rebooted

    Once a BRIC, then one of the “Fragile Five," is India regaining its luster? We discuss the case for India.
  3. Markets & Economy

    Britain’s Long and Difficult Divorce from Europe

    Though it seems like the Brexit storm has blown over, uncertainty remains high as the fundamental ramifications have yet to be sorted out.
  4. Retirement Planning

    Work & Collect Social Security in Retirement?

    What to consider if working in retirement while collecting Social Security.
  5. Markets & Economy

    How a Weaker Pound Could Absorb Market Shocks

    Markets remain nervous after Brexit, which sent the British pound plummeting. Yet, we point out some of the long-term benefits for the UK from a weakening currency that many investors are forgetting.
  6. Markets & Economy

    Chart of the Week: A Cautiously Optimistic Outlook for U.S. ...

    We're optimistic U.S. earnings will improve in the second half, but we believe the rebound may not be as big as many expect. Here's why.
  7. Markets & Economy

    Chart of the Week: The Investing Implications Beyond Brexit

    Chief Investment Strategist Richard Turnill explains the economic landscape we now expect post-Brexit and how we have updated our asset views accordingly.
  8. Retirement Planning

    How Millennials Can Save the World While Saving for Retirement

    If you are a millennial investor — or just think like one — you are likely to have some very different attitudes about investing than previous generations.
  9. Financial Analysis

    What’s the US Yield Curve Signaling?

    In recent weeks, the difference in yields between 10-year and 2-year U.S. Treasuries has hit post financial crisis lows, as evident in the chart below.
  10. Markets & Economy

    What’s Next for the Eurozone After Brexit

    We explain the significance in a post-Brexit world of the U.K.'s vote to leave the EU just days before the start of a 15-month run of key Eurozone elections.
  11. Markets & Economy

    5 Key Takeaways From the Brexit Vote

    We see five key takeaways from the UK’s 52% to 48% vote to break with the European Union (EU), and the lasting consequences for the UK, Europe and the world at large.
  12. Investing Strategy

    The Emerging Market Opportunity in a Yield Drought

    Learn why investors face the choice of either accepting lower income or increasing risk in their bond portfolios in the search for yield, and there's one asset class worth considering: EM bonds.
  13. Markets & Economy

    Chart of the Week: Where to Find Opportunities in a Post-Brexit ...

    This week’s chart helps explains where to potentially find attractive value in a post-Brexit world.
  14. Markets & Economy

    What Data Can Tell Us About the Brexit Vote

    BlackRock’s Scientific Active Equity team compiled several key data points for an internal live dashboard to better understand the Brexit landscape.
  15. Markets & Economy

    Chart of the Week: The Global Dynamic That’s Pushing Yields ...

    Find out why global bond yields continue their downward trend to two things: easy central bank policy and Brexit-induced risk aversion.
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