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As the world's largest asset manager, Blackrock believes in openness, transparency, and honesty. It’s how we fulfill our mission: empowering investors and investment professionals to achieve their goals. The Blog furthers that commitment, by providing visitors to the Blog with market insights and analysis from some of the preeminent thought leaders at Blackrock & iShares.

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  1. Markets

    Is the Eurozone Recovery for Real?

    Is the eurozone’s consumption-led growth uptick sustainable? We took some of the firm’s most senior portfolio managers to understand what’s taking place on the ground, and whether the recovery is for real.
  2. Investing

    An Underappreciated Trend Supporting European Stocks

    This week’s chart focuses on an underappreciated trend that supports the case for European stocks: The European consumer growth story.
  3. Bonds & Fixed Income

    Lookin’ for Yield in All the Right Places

    Why is that in a world of low and in some cases negative interest rates, investors continue to struggle to find yield? Read on.
  4. Investing

    3 Things You Should Know About Factor Investing

    Learn about factor strategies in data and technology to give all investors access to time-tested investment ideas, once only accessible to large institutions.
  5. Bonds & Fixed Income

    The Good (and Bad) News About One Fixed Income Sector

    Find out how the recent rebound in commodity prices has been good news for high yield bonds, helping the sector (and credit overall) rally since mid-February.
  6. Bonds & Fixed Income

    Investing Opportunities to Consider Before the Second Half

    Markets today are characterized by low returns and lots of “me-too” trades, but it’s important to remember low return doesn’t mean no-return. So where do we see opportunities?
  7. Investing

    The Surprising Force Behind Gold’s Rally

    Gold has shown resilience to dropping prices compared to other commodities, and has regained its status as a “safe haven” asset in turbulent times.
  8. Markets

    Can Japanese Stocks Rise Again?

    This week’s chart shows how Japanese companies’ inflation expectations have been steadily declining in recent quarters, amid an appreciating yen.
  9. Bonds & Fixed Income

    A Handy Tool for Comparing Sovereign Credit Risk

    Sovereign debt is not “risk free.” In reality, sovereigns never were devoid of credit risk, but the probability of capital erosion through default, inflation or devaluation has certainly increased since ...
  10. Markets

    Wanted: Monetary Policy Plan B

    Learn how central banks have been the only game in town for years now, driving asset prices higher with the help of interest rate cuts and quantitative easing (QE) programs.
  11. Markets

    A Window of Opportunity for Emerging Market Assets

    This week’s chart shows why we are in a sweet spot for emerging market (EM) assets with a weakening U.S. dollar, a rebound in commodity prices and a recovering Chinese economy.
  12. General

    Sectors to Follow in Q2

    As we head into Q2, you might wonder what sectors are best positioned for the next three months. Here’s a quick look at some of the most notable winners and losers from Q.
  13. Investing

    How to Prepare for the Low Return Environment Ahead

    Learn about the big takeaway from this week’s chart: Investors aiming for higher returns over the next five years should be prepared to stomach more volatility.
  14. Markets

    The BRICs to Consider Now

    Many fund managers have raised their emerging market (EM) allocations lately, and we’ve warmed up in general to the asset class after a long underweight.
  15. Markets

    The Key Ingredient Needed for Future Returns

    We discuss why company earnings, in today’s low-return environment, will be critical for generating gains.
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