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  1. An article explaining why Medical Expenses are the # 1 reason for bankrupcy, what sector of the population does it affects the most.

    Preventing Medical Bankruptcy

    Medical expenses are the number-one cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Here are some steps to protect yourself.
  2. How bankruptcy affects your credit score and what are the main strategies someone can follow in order to improve credit score after bankruptcy
    Credit & Loans

    Bankruptcy And Your Credit Score

    Use these 7 strategies to start improving your credit score from the huge hit it takes after a bankruptcy.
  3. Before you tie the knot, here are some legal steps to take so your marriage will be as solid as your love.
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    Financial Changes When You Marry

    Before you tie the knot, here are some steps to take so the legal underpinnings of your marriage will be as solid as your love.
  4. A letter of intent will help your family when emergency strikes
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    Do You Have This Crucial Financial Letter?

    If you don't have a letter of intent in your desk, write one now. Here's why.