Sarah Chandler

Sarah Chandler

A contributing author to several Lonely Planet titles, Sarah's writing on culture, travel, and business frequently appears in publications such as CNBC, BBC Travel, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, USA Today and the Eurail Blog, where she blogs about rail transit and European travel.

Sarah is also a speaker and communications consultant who frequently lectures in the U.S. and Europe, where she has served on the faculties of the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Amsterdam, and the Emerson College European Center. 

Sarah holds an honors undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a MFA in Writing from the University of Texas at Austin, where she was a Michener Fellow.

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  1. Retirement

    Are Millennial Retirement Savers Doomed?

    A new McKinsey report spells a grim financial future for Millennials, who will have to work harder and save more than their parents.
  2. Retirement

    Can Lump Sum Payments Fix Social Security?

    Solving the problems that riddle Social Security won't be carried out with a single solution. Here's one idea that could help reform the program.
  3. Retirement

    How to Retire Abroad at 40 as a U.S. Freelancer

    Retiring abroad at 40 requires a complex calculation, from finding a lucrative freelance career to navigating residence and employment laws.
  4. Saving and Spending

    Just How Little Have Americans Saved for Retirement?

    If you've saved less than $10,000 for retirement — or haven't saved at all — you're like the majority of Americans, according to a shocking new survey.
  5. Retirement

    Live Like a Millionaire on $3,000/Month in These 10 Countries

    A million dollars no longer guarantees luxury. So why not consider moving to one of these countries, where a high quality of life costs only thousands?
  6. Wealth Management

    United Airlines vs. Delta First Class: Which Is Better?

    Both airlines allow you to check two free bags to most destinations when you fly first class, but baggage isn’t everything.
  7. Your Clients

    These Investors Needs More Advisor Attention

    Women live longer than men and their post-retirement finances are in jeopardy. A new report by the National Institute for Retirement Security shows why.
  8. Your Clients

    How to Guide Married Clients Who Fight About Money

    Money is a top conflict among couples. Here's how to deflate the tension so that couples can focus on maximizing their finances, not their frustrations.
  9. Retirement

    Why Many Americans Believe Retirement is Out of Reach

    If a financially secure retirement feels like it's just beyond your grasp, you're not alone. This year's EBRI survey reveals why.
  10. Your Clients

    Get Rich with These 7 Healthy Habits

    Getting rich is like getting fit. To achieve your goals, you must develop healthy long term habits. Here are 7 habits that cultivate financial abundance.
  11. Your Practice

    Expect FINRA to Ask These Culture Questions

    This month, FINRA kicks off its culture examinations for brokerage firms. Here's how to cram for the test.
  12. Retirement

    Here's How You Pay for Boomers’ Social Security

    Don't blame the Boomers for Social Security’s rumored demise by the time Gen X retires: The pay-as-you-go economic model has worked so far. Here's how.
  13. Insurance

    Life Insurance in Your 20s? Here's Why to Buy Now

    Just because 20-somethings feel invincible doesn't mean they don't need life insurance. Here's why purchasing a policy in your 20s might be really smart.
  14. Retirement

    The All-Cash Retirement Trap

    Keeping your retirement funds in cash is (almost) like hiding money in your mattress: Here's why.
  15. Retirement

    How Safe Is Your Pension?

    A 2014 law permits some private pension plans to reduce benefits. How to figure out if your retirement income is endangered.
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