Prableen Bajpai, CFA (ICFAI)

Prableen Bajpai, CFA (ICFAI)

Prableen Bajpai is the Founding Director at FinFix; an enterprise in India, primarily engaged in financial research, reports, training and spreading financial literacy while striving to provide counselling to the economically less privileged. In her previous assignment, Prableen was heading the Research at Vantage Wealth Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd., managing the compilations of the monthly compendium moneytree®, meant to educate investors on stock markets and investments. She has also taught Investment Analysis and Macroeconomics to business students at the Royal Thimphu College (RTC), Bhutan. Prableen has been writing about investing, stock markets, economy, and personal finance for almost a decade. Prableen is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) from ICFAI, holds a masters degree in Economics and is pursuing her CFP® certification. 

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  1. Forex & Currencies

    What's Fueling Bitcoin's Record-Breaking Price?

    Tracking the reasons behind bitcoin's price rally: "Halving" and China
  2. Markets & Economy

    Will UK Slip Into Recession Post-Brexit?

    Multiple challenges lie ahead of the economy of the United Kingdom post Brexit.
  3. ETFs

    Interested in Investing in Europe? Eye These ETFs

    Want exposure to the European markets? Check out these ETFs.
  4. Forex & Currencies

    Japan's Largest Bank Developing Digital Currency

    The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi is using the technology behind bitcoin​ to launch its own digital currency.
  5. Markets & Economy

    The World's Top 10 Economies

    A look at the top 10 economies in the world.
  6. Tech Insights

    Robots May Soon Be "Electronic Persons" With Responsibilities

    Robots may soon be "electronic persons" with responsibilities.
  7. Tech Insights

    Deep Web Vs. Dark Web

    Understanding how the Internet includes much beyond what most users are familiar with.
  8. Company Insights

    LinkedIn's Top Attractors List

    LinkedIn's first-ever list of the companies which are the most sought after by its network users.
  9. FA Relevant

    India's Central Bank Governor Announces His Exit

    RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan announces his exit.
  10. Company Insights

    FB, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft Agree to Report Hate Speech ...

    IT Companies and EU pledge against hate speeches.
  11. Entrepreneurship

    Blockchain Technology May Replace Travel ID

    The mess of passports and identity cards may soon be a distant memory, thanks to blockchain technology.
  12. People

    Billionaire Thiel Admits He Funded Hulk Hogan Suit Against ...

    Peter Thiel, billionaire investor and PayPal co-founder, shows that revenge is a dish best served cold.
  13. Markets & Economy

    SWIFT's New 5-Part Customer Security Program

    The beleaguered global financial system SWIFT announced a new security program in response to multiple hacks on its international customer base.
  14. Budgeting & Savings

    You Can Now Crowdfund Your Divorce

    Crowdfunding can now be used to raise money needed for a divorce.
  15. People


    Decabillionaire is a term used to define the world’s super-rich, who have wealth in excess of ten times a billion.
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