Prableen Bajpai, CFA (ICFAI)

Prableen Bajpai, CFA (ICFAI)

Prableen Bajpai is the Founding Director at FinFix; an enterprise in India, primarily engaged in financial research, reports, training and spreading financial literacy while striving to provide counselling to the economically less privileged. In her previous assignment, Prableen was heading the Research at Vantage Wealth Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd., managing the compilations of the monthly compendium moneytree®, meant to educate investors on stock markets and investments. She has also taught Investment Analysis and Macroeconomics to business students at the Royal Thimphu College (RTC), Bhutan. Prableen has been writing about investing, stock markets, economy, and personal finance for almost a decade. Prableen is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) from ICFAI, holds a masters degree in Economics and is pursuing her CFP® certification. 

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  1. Investing

    Billionaire Thiel Admits He Funded Hulk Hogan Suit Against ...

    Peter Thiel, billionaire investor and PayPal co-founder, shows that revenge is a dish best served cold.
  2. Investing

    SWIFT's New 5-Part Customer Security Program

    The beleaguered global financial system SWIFT announced a new security program in response to multiple hacks on its international customer base.
  3. Budgeting

    You Can Now Crowdfund Your Divorce

    Crowdfunding can now be used to raise money needed for a divorce.
  4. Term


    Decabillionaire is a term used to define the world’s super-rich, who have wealth in excess of ten times a billion.
  5. Investing News

    Amazon Leads Cloud Services by Wide Margin (AMZN)

    Amazon continues to be the undisputed leader of cloud infrastructure services.
  6. Investing News

    Top 10 U.S. Cities For Jobs From Glassdoor

    A look at the top 10 cities for jobs
  7. Investing

    How TASER International Makes Money (TASR)

    The booking for Axon and bookings reached a new quarterly record of $52.1 million rising 126.86% year-over-year.
  8. Investing News

    Amazon, Tyson Partner in 'Meal-Kit' Market

    AmazonFresh and Tyson Foods have partnered in the fast growing meal-kit market.
  9. Markets

    A Trump Presidency? Find a Canadian Partner With MapleMatch

    MapleMatch is a new online matchmaking platform that offers a chance for U.S. citizens to find a partner in Canada.
  10. Investing News

    Sand: The Abundant yet Scarce Natural Resource

    Sand, a basic natural resource, is so much in demand that its supply isn’t able to match up.
  11. Investing

    Why Do Some Failed Mergers Result in Break-Up Fees?

    When mergers go bad, there's often a break-up fee involved of as high as 3-5% of the value of the proposed merger.
  12. Term

    Mossack Fonseca

    Mossack Fonseca, founded in 1977, is a Panama-based law firm that provides legal solutions, trust services, company formations and foundations and intellectual property services to its clients.
  13. Term

    Panama Papers

    The Panama Papers refer to the 11.5 million leaked encrypted confidential documents that were the property of Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca.
  14. Investing

    Why the UK Govt Likes Blockchain: Trust

    The UK government was not always the earliest adopter of technology, but with blockchain, that's all changing.
  15. Investing

    Apple Pay Now In Singapore, a Digital Pay Haven

    Apple Pay is now available in Singapore, initially linked with the American Express card.
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