Rick Rieder

Rick is BlackRock’s Chief Investment Officer of Fundamental Fixed Income, Co-head of Americas Fixed Income and a member of the company’s Global Operating Committee. A 2013 inductee into the Fixed Income Analysts Society Hall of Fame, Rick also serves as a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Investor Advisory Committee on Financial Markets. He writes about fixed income, the economy and government policy.

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  1. Markets & Economy

    Another Reason Rates are Likely to Be Lower for Longer

    The Federal Reserve (Fed) has suggested it’s likely to remain on hold for the near future given Brexit-related uncertainty and tightening financial conditions.
  2. Markets & Economy

    Why the Fed’s Job is All the More Complicated

    The Fed revealed that it will take a more dovish approach to normalizing its federal funds rate, but still left the door open to some degree that an increase could happen later this year.
  3. Markets & Economy

    What’s Ahead for U.S. Payrolls

    We share a response to this question recently posed by Fed Chair: “Will monthly payroll gains move up toward the solid pace they maintained earlier this year and in 2015?”
  4. Markets & Economy

    The Narrowing Corridor of Global Growth

    Global growth appeared to sputter earlier this year, roiling markets. However, investors should get used to living in a moderate growth world.
  5. Financial Analysis

    The Challenge the Fed Faces (in 2 Powerful Charts)

    The Fed faces a big challenge as it seeks to raise interest rates this year: The central bank already missed the “window of opportunity” for normalizing rates.
  6. Markets & Economy

    To Correctly Predict the Fed’s Policy Path, Watch This

    The Federal Reserve (Fed) left policy unchanged last week, continuing a “wait-and-see” approach appropriate for today’s global economic, financial and inflationary conditions.
  7. Fixed Income

    Negative Interest Rates Require Flexibility in Fixed Income

    Here’s a quick look at four charts showing just a few of the interrelated ways the global fixed income markets have dramatically changed over the last seven years.
  8. Markets & Economy

    A Statistic About the U.S. Economy that May Surprise You

    Learn why many commentators seem to be pessimistically focused on the U.S. economy’s weak wage growth and manufacturing sector trouble.
  9. Markets & Economy

    Is the Fed On the Right Track?

    Find out why the Federal Reserve (Fed) missed its window to raise interest rates nearly three years ago, when conditions were ripe for a hike.
  10. Markets & Economy

    This Trend Could Influence Interest Rate Policy

    Learn why the Fed’s decision to leave its benchmark rate at its current level is a representation of the “wait-and-see” trend anticipated by the market.
  11. Markets & Economy

    The Real Reason Markets Are Volatile

    Market watchers have thrown out many theories to explain the elevated volatility across asset classes, but here is a better explanation.
  12. Markets & Economy

    The Problems with Negative Interest Rates

    Learn why there’s a view in some policy circles that easy monetary policy is good for an economy, and the more stimulus you add, the better.
  13. Markets & Economy

    The Truth about Productivity

    Why has labor market productivity slowed sharply around the world in recent years? One of the greatest economic mysteries out there.
  14. High Net Worth Strategy

    What Investors Need to Know About Returns in 2016

    Last year wasn’t a great one for investors seeking solid returns, so here are three things we believe all investors need to know about returns in 2016.
  15. Markets & Economy

    Why the Fed’s Rate Increase is Good (Not Bad) News

    The Fed's widely decision to raise interest rates has garnered plenty of attention, especially from those concerned over the negative economic impact.
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