Roger Wohlner

Roger Wohlner

Roger Wohlner is an experienced financial advisor based in Arlington Heights, Ill. His expertise includes providing financial planning and investment advice to individual clients, 401(k) plan sponsors, foundations and endowments. He is active on social media; you can follow him on Twitter and Google+. Roger contributes to his own popular finance blog, The Chicago Financial Planner, where he writes about issues concerning financial planning, investments and retirement plans. His work has been featured on US News & World Report, Yahoo! Finance, Equifax Finance Blog and other publications. Roger is available for additional freelance financial writing assignments.

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  1. FA Profession

    Smart Beta ETFs and Market Timing: The Lowdown

    Smart beta ETFs are all the rage, but before investing in them, investors and their advisors should know what is behind each strategy.
  2. FA Profession

    What the Brexit Means to Near-Retirees

    Brexit-spurred economic uncertainty and added volatility comes at an inopportune time for those nearing retirement. Here's how to assuage them.
  3. FA Profession

    Talking to Your Clients about the Brexit

    The Brexit is a great time to reach out and let clients know you are on top of the situation and that you are there to address their questions or concerns.
  4. FA Profession

    How to Explain Portfolio Rebalancing to Clients

    Here are some of the best ways to explain the concept of rebalancing to clients and tips on implementing a regimen.
  5. FA Profession

    How to Advise Business Owners Looking to Retire

    Here are some things to be aware of when advising business owners looking to retire.
  6. FA Profession

    How to Help Clients Navigate Medicare Enrollment

    Here's how to help clients navigate the maze of Medicare enrollment.
  7. FA Profession

    The SEC Fiduciary Rule Explained

    The SEC plans to propose its own set of fiduciary rules next year. These are some of the potential implications for advisors.
  8. FA Profession

    How to Help Clients Manage Retirement Withdrawals

    Here's how to create a well planned and executed withdrawal strategy to enhance the longevity of a client's retirement portfolio.
  9. FA Profession

    Helping Clients Balance Retirement Portfolio Risk

    Here's how to help clients balance risk in their retirement portfolios.
  10. FA Profession

    Estate Planning: What to Learn from Celebrity Mistakes

    Prince's heirs could have benefitted from some more extensive estate planning. Here are some basics to cover with your clients when it comes to wills.
  11. ETFs

    Smart Beta: Do Low Volatility ETFs Make Sense?

    Do low volatility ETFs have a place in client portfolios as either core or satellite holdings?
  12. FA Profession

    How to Create a Retirement Investment Policy

    A retirement policy statement can be a good idea for clients. Here's how to create one.
  13. FA Profession

    How to Explain Smart Beta Strategies to Clients

    Smart beta funds continue to gain steam. Here's how to explain the benefits of these strategies to clients.
  14. FA Profession

    How Advisors Can Win with the New Fiduciary Rule

    Advisors would be wise to use the change in fiduciary rules to educate clients on the value of the advice they provide. Here are some tips.
  15. FA Profession

    Unplanned Early Retirement? Helping Clients Deal

    Here are some planning steps to consider with your clients if they are faced with an unplanned early retirement.
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