Alan Farley

Alan Farley is a private trader and publisher of Hard Right Edge, a comprehensive resource for trader education, technical analysis, and short-term trading techniques. He is author of the McGraw-Hill best-sellers "The Master Swing Trader" and "The Master Swing Trader Toolkit", as well as long-time contributor for The

Alan has been on the market scene for well over two decades as a trader, advisor, and author. He is a well-respected educator on swing trading, tape reading and technical analysis, including the original strategies found at Hard Right Edge.

In addition, he is a frequent contributor to CNBC and has been featured in Fidelity Outlook, Forbes, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Barrons, Bloomberg, Smart Money, Schwab Investor, Minyanville, Yahoo Finance, Futures Magazine, Tech Week, Active Trader, MSN Money, Technical Investor, Bridge Trader, Online Investor, America-Invest, the Los Angeles Times, and Trading Markets.

Alan consults regularly with industry leaders on the issues facing today's traders and is a strong voice for the revolution changing our modern markets.   Follow Alan on Twitter

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  1. Chart Strategy

    Get Ready to Play the Energy Bounce (XLE, OIH)

    The introduction of weak hands should short-circuit the month-long energy sector decline and generate a multi-week recovery ...
  2. Chart Strategy

    3 Hot Plays in the Resurgent Biotech Sector (KITE, ESPR)

    Biotech stocks and funds have broken out to 52-week highs and should attract steady buying interest in coming weeks.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Wal-Mart Stock Decline Should Offer Buying Opportunity (WMT, AMZN)

    Wal-Mart stock fell nearly 5% on Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition but should return to rally highs in coming weeks.
  4. Chart Strategy

    Adobe Upside Looks Limited Despite Solid Quarter (ADBE)

    Adobe is trading higher on strong quarterly results, but overbought technical readings should limit upside into the third ...
  5. Chart Strategy

    3 Hot Small-Cap Tech Stocks (AAOI, UPLD)

    Small-cap tech stocks show excellent upside potential, possibly benefitting from big tech profit taking.
  6. Chart Strategy

    Biotech Funds Could Break Out (XBI, IBB)

    Capital exiting 2017 market leaders is pouring into biotech funds. Is the sector's two-year correction coming to an end?
  7. Chart Strategy

    Verizon Now Biggest Dog in the Dow (VZ, T)

    Verizon has dropped to 30th in Dow component relative strength after nearly four years of bearish price action.
  8. Chart Strategy

    Has Alphabet Topped Out? (GOOGL, GOOG)

    The tech giant's shares reversed after reaching a milestone at $1,000 and could be headed into an intermediate correction.
  9. Chart Strategy

    Tough Times Ahead for Kroger (KR, WFM)

    Kroger may not grow at all this fiscal year, battered by aggressive Wal-Mart pricing and market share loss to Amazon.
  10. Chart Strategy

    Tobacco Stocks Probing New Highs (PM, MO)

    Tobacco stocks have provided healthy returns for years and should continue to outperform into the new decade.
  11. Chart Strategy

    Citigroup Rises Into Market Leadership (C, JPM)

    Citigroup has broken out to an eight-year high, while its peers struggle at prices seen in the first sessions of 2017.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Bond Funds Heat Up in Cooling Market (TLT, HYG)

    Bond funds rallied before and after the Fed's decision to raise interest rates, signaling disagreement about the U.S. growth ...
  13. Chart Strategy

    General Electric at Risk After Immelt Departure (GE)

    The retirement of CEO Jeff Immelt has stirred fresh optimism, but major technical challenges could limit gains.
  14. Chart Strategy

    Is It Time to Buy Disney Stock? (DIS)

    A two-month decline has dropped Disney shares into deep support, raising the odds for a multi-week bounce.
  15. Chart Strategy

    Apple Stock Could Fall to $110 in Coming Months (AAPL)

    Apple has reversed at five-year channel resistance, raising the odds for a multi-month correction.
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