Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma

Rakesh Sharma is a freelance journalist interested in the intersection between business and technology. An alumnus of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, he has written for Active Trader, India Abroad, InvestorPlace, and Forbes. 

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  1. Stocks

    Top Video Game Stocks for 2017

    Goldman Sachs states that gaming is undergoing a renaissance, and these three stocks are killing it.
  2. Stocks

    Square Is Becoming a Bank

    The company, which sells hardware for payments and lends to small businesses, took the first step by filing an application.
  3. Company Insights

    Rovio Entertainment, Maker of 'Angry Birds,' Plans IPO

    The firm swung to profitability last year on the back of a box office hit and significant cost-cutting in its ranks.
  4. People

    Mark Zuckerberg Added $8B to His Net Worth This Summer

    The 33-year-old had a productive summer, you could say.
  5. Cybersecurity

    Phishing Scams Have Cost ICO Investors $225M

    The ICO frenzy is ripe territory for scammers.
  6. Stocks

    An Inside Look at Apple's New iPhone

    Bloomberg has obtained images of the new iPhone, which is expected to be released next month.
  7. Stocks

    Microsoft and Amazon Integrate Their Voice Assistants

    Soon you will be able to schedule your Outlook meetings using Alexa and buy things from Amazon using Cortana.
  8. Stocks

    Hurricane Harvey Could Cause Havoc for Insurance Companies

    The hurricane's impact could mount losses and multiply insurance claims.
  9. Stocks

    Apple to Launch iPhone 8 on Sept. 12: WSJ

    Apple will reportedly release its tenth anniversary phone on time, along with updates to the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.
  10. Stocks

    Tesla Will Raise More Capital in 3Q 2018: Goldman

    New funding is expected to "slightly lower" Tesla's earnings outlook and negatively affect its free cash flow.
  11. Stocks

    CBS Also Wins in Mayweather-McGregor Matchup

    The media company is expected to rake in a substantial amount of money from the match.
  12. Stocks

    How Amazon Benefits From Lower Prices at Whole Foods

    There are three benefits to Amazon from its recently announced changes at Whole Foods.
  13. Stocks

    Snapchat Planning to Make TV and Movies by Year End

    The company sees mobile as being complementary to television.
  14. Stocks

    Amazon Announces Lower Prices for Whole Foods Products

    Amazon Prime members are also set to gain rewards from the acquisition.
  15. Stocks

    Apple Will Dominate Smartwatch Market Through 2021: Gartner

    However, Apple's market share will decline by about 8%, according to the research firm.
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