Donna Fuscaldo

Donna Fuscaldo

Donna Fuscaldo is a freelance journalist hailing out of Long Island, New York. Donna writes for numerous online publications including,,,  and SigFig. As a personal finance reporter for years, Donna provides invaluable advice on everything from saving money to landing that dream job. Previously, Donna was an equities reporter for Dow Jones Newswires and a special contributor to the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Stocks

    Buffett: Dow Could Hit 1,000,000 Within a Century

    Warren Buffett makes a bullish call for the Dow Jones Industrial Average's long-term future.
  2. Stocks

    Why Microsoft's Dividend Was Lower Than Expected

    Microsoft shares are under pressure after the company failed to raise its dividend high enough.
  3. Stocks

    HTC Suspends Stock, Is Google About to Buy It?

    HTC is suspending trading on the Taiwan exchange due to 'material' news, prompting speculation.
  4. Stocks

    Alibaba Launches Unit Dedicated to Live Events

    Alibaba has a new entertainment group aimed at selling concert tickets and produce live events.
  5. Senior Care

    What Will Healthcare Cost After Retirement?

    The price tag may shock you, which is why you should do some pre-retirement calculations.
  6. Stocks

    Apple's iPhone X May Be Cannibalizing iPhone 8

    Sluggish pre-orders for the iPhone 8 are blamed on the iPhone X, says KGI Securities.
  7. Stocks

    Microsoft Adding Key Safety Feature to Windows 10

    Microsoft is adding a feature to Windows 10 that automates the steps needed after a hack.
  8. Stocks

    Amazon on the Hunt for Small TV Channels: Report

    The Seattle-based e-commerce giant wants to create a platform catering to niche programming.
  9. Stocks

    Apple Ends Support of Up to 200K Apps With iOS 11

    With the launch of iOS 11, Apple could stop supporting close to 200,000 older apps.
  10. Stocks

    Morgan Stanley Ups Price Target on Apple Rollouts

    The pricey new iPhone should help demand, not hurt it, prompting MS to raise its PT on the stock.
  11. Stocks

    Whole Foods Closing Price Gap With Rivals: JPM

    Amazon's Whole Foods is closing the price gap with Ralphs and Sprouts in L.A., its largest market.
  12. Stocks

    Blockchain Is IBM’s to Lose: Juniper Research

    A new survey of corporate tech buyers that shows IBM in the lead with blockchain technology.
  13. Stocks

    NVIDIA’s AI Prospects Make BoA Even More Bullish

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch upped its price target, which sent the stock to an all-time high.
  14. Stocks

    Broadcom Is the Best iPhone Play: Jim Cramer

    TheStreet's Jim Cramer is touting Broadcom as the best iPhone supplier play.
  15. Stocks

    Huawei Takes Aim at Apple With Upcoming AI Phone

    China's Huawei is taking aim at Apple with the rollout of its new AI phone in October.
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