Shoshanna Delventhal

Shoshanna Delventhal

As a digital nomad based out of New York City, Shoshanna enjoys reporting on business and finance, with a focus on consumer products and technology companies. Shoshanna is passionate about enhancing the future of work by harnessing productivity and adopting transparent, flexible work cultures.

After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Economics and International Relations, Shoshanna worked in international business advisory at KPMG. When she’s not writing, you can now find Shoshanna leading yoga, mindfulness and creative workshops around the world.

Shoshanna’s enthusiastic about forward-driving projects that advance social entrepreneurship, conscious consumerism and sustainability movements.

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  1. Stocks

    Facebook’s TBH Buy Is a Bet Against Snap: Cramer

    The 'Mad Money' host says he'd buy FB on its latest bargain deal, applauds FANG stocks as a group.
  2. Stocks

    NYU Prof Sees End to Tech Giants' Dominance

    The fatality rate for firms is 100%, says the serial entrepreneur Scott Galloway, but Amazon has the best chance of survival.
  3. Stocks

    Bet Against GE, Dividend Cut Is Coming: Goldman

    Analysts recommend buying put options ahead of General Electric's upcoming analyst day.
  4. Stocks

    Sell Chipotle, It Pays Employees Too Much: BofA

    Even if Chipotle revives traffic, the Mexican chain may find it difficult to lower labor costs.
  5. Stocks

    JPMorgan Makes First Major Fintech Buy: WePay

    Legacy financial institutions double down on payments technology, fueling growth and consolidation.
  6. Stocks

    Alibaba Cloud May Soon Be No. 2 After AWS: Exec

    A booming online economy and a supportive government may soon let BABA dethrone Microsoft.
  7. Stocks

    Netflix’s Reed Hastings Joins the Forbes 400 List

    The $2.2B founder-CEO has benefited from Netflix's winning streak over the years.
  8. Stocks

    Netflix Has Reached ‘Escape Velocity’: Analysts

    Analysts at Piper Jaffray, Goldman Sachs, cheer the company as it posts 5.3M new subscribers in Q3.
  9. Stocks

    Android Phones Vulnerable to Wi-Fi Attacks: Report

    Cybersecurity experts say a new kind of attack lets hackers read Wi-Fi traffic, inject malware.
  10. Stocks

    Apple Leak Reveals Major New iPhone Feature: KGI

    A widely regarded Apple analyst sees Face ID as providing Apple with a competitive advantage over its rivals.
  11. Stocks

    Apple’s Segment Strategy Prompts KeyBanc Upgrade

    Analysts upgrade AAPL to overweight as the tech giant expands from hardware to become a 'franchise.'
  12. Stocks

    Buy Disney, Ignore ESPN Woes: Morgan Stanley

    Media analysts expect Disney's film and licensing success to overshadow its flat ESPN segment.
  13. Stocks

    Wal-Mart’s Sees Returns From $3B Purchase

    The world's largest retailer sees shares pop as it expects e-commerce sales to grow 40% in FY19.
  14. Stocks

    Sell Apple on iPhone X Supercycle Doubts: Edison

    Analysts foresee a reduction in Apple's fiscal 2018 expectations as triggering a major sell-off.
  15. Stocks

    Morgan Stanley Says Tesla Has One Key Advantage

    Tesla's rapidly growing footprint puts it well ahead of rivals in supporting EVs on the road.
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