Melissa Parietti

Melissa Parietti

Melissa Parietti is a literature enthusiast who employs great discernment in matters of business and finance. A writer of fiction and nonfiction with previous work experience in the debt collection and finance industries, her creative efforts have been published by various journals. She enjoys analyzing data and finding trends. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from SUNY Geneseo. Melissa can be found on Twitter @MelissaParie and also on LinkedIn.

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  1. Company Insights

    The World's Top 10 Telecommunications Companies

    Learn about the top ten telecommunications companies in the world and information about each company’s customer base, market ...
  2. Mutual Funds

    MFAAX: 3 Value Mutual Funds from American Funds

    Learn about value investing and how interest rate hikes benefit mutual funds, and the top three American Funds mutual funds ...
  3. Budgeting & Savings

    Foodzie Review, Is It Worth It?

    Learn about the purchase of Foodzie and its sale to online retailer Joyus and the importance of acquiring the client base ...
  4. Small Business

    Cake Style Review: Is It Worth It?

    Learn about popular YouTube channel Cake Style and how YouTube is an outlet for self-employed individuals who make and edit ...
  5. Small Business

    How Bowery Works and Makes Money

    Learn about Bowery, including the marketing strategies it uses and its many music venues that support the music industry's ...
  6. Investing Strategy

    8 High Risk Investments That Could Double Your Money

    8 high-risk investment vehicles that can double investors' funds.
  7. Taxes

    The Top 10 European Tax Havens

    While the popular stereotype of a tax haven is a Caribbean island, these countries in Europe serve as attractive places for ...
  8. Stocks

    Diamond in the Rough? U.S. Franchises in 2016 (MCD, DNKN)

    Learn about U.S. franchise growth and direction for 2016 and how changes in wage standards and consumer preferences may endanger ...
  9. Stocks

    The World's Top 10 Technology Companies (AAPL, GOOGL)

    Learn about the top 10 technology companies in the world, their market values, exciting projects and recently released revenue ...
  10. Forex & Currencies

    The 6 Strongest Currencies Vs. The U.S. Dollar in 2016

    Learn about the world currencies that are stronger than the U.S. dollar, as of February 2016, as well as which factors have ...
  11. FA Relevant

    3 ETF Strategies for Growth in EURASIA for 2016

    Learn about three ETFs for investment into the countries of Eurasia and how conditions in China and Europe require a cautious ...
  12. Real Estate

    How Cheap is Affordable Housing Right Now?

    Learn how many affordable housing government programs work in the United States, including income requirements and the scarcity ...
  13. Health Insurance

    Will Health Care Continue to Drive IPOs in 2016?

    Learn why health care IPOs may be slowing in 2016, and how Obamacare, poor previous filings and economic factors are affecting ...
  14. Markets & Economy

    3 Reasons Iran is Important in 2016

    Learn about how the global economy and Iran will be affected by the recently lifted trade embargo and sanctions from Iran, ...
  15. Investing Strategy

    3 Cyclical Industries To Exploit in 2016

    Learn about the three industries at the down end of their business cycles, and discover how these industries may improve ...
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