Deborah DSouza

Deborah DSouza

Deborah D’Souza is an independent journalist who grew up in Pune, India and earned a master’s degree in social anthropology at Oxford University in England, and a master's degree in journalism at Columbia University in New York City. She has worked on independent documentaries for cable television, and she has written for Psychology Today, City and State, DNA, Vice News and She is passionate about politics, behavioral economics, and social sciences. 

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  1. Tech

    Tech Giants Lobby Hard Under Intense Scrutiny

    Big Tech is spending record amounts on lobbying as dark clouds hang over its future.
  2. Politics & Money

    What Happens to Campaign Contributions After Elections?

    Learn about what those contributions are used for when the candidate is no longer running.
  3. Career / Compensation

    5 Skills Employers Look for in MBA Grads

    Think recruiters care most about specialised finance or marketing skills? Think again.
  4. Career / Compensation

    Can I Apply for an O-1 Visa If I Don't Get an H-1B?

    Those seeking an O-1A visa should be able to show they received a major, internationally-recognized award or evidence of ...
  5. Forex & Currencies

    Trump Admin Won't Commit to Putting Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill

    Tubman was expected to be the first African-American to appear on U.S. currency.
  6. Buzz & Trending

    McKinsey and FT Pick the Best Business Books of 2017

    Which of these 17 titles will be picked this year's business book of the year ?
  7. Laws & Regulations

    Does Net Neutrality Stifle Investment and Innovation?

    FCC chair Ajit Pai argues net neutrality has curbed investment, but does it?
  8. Tech

    AMD Returns to High-End Gaming Graphics Card Space

    AMD joins rival Nvidia in the premium gaming segment.
  9. People

    Books CEOs Will Be Reading This Summer

    Learn which single book is on the reading list of leaders at McKinsey, Barclays Africa, Microsoft and the British Army.
  10. People

    America's Most Beloved CEOs Ranked

    German native Benno Dorer may not be a household name in the U.S., but it appears he has had a huge impact on the Clorox ...
  11. Exam Prep

    Top 20 Countries With the Highest GMAT Scores

    A total of 42 countries had higher average scores than the U.S. in the last testing year.
  12. Company Insights

    Why Twitter's Problems Aren't Going Away (TWTR, FB)

    As Twitter considers a paid membership option to save its business, we breakdown what its biggest hurdles are.
  13. High Net Worth Living

    China's Billionaire Boom Is Picking Up Pace

    China accounted for the majority of newly-minted billionaires during the last three years, with the highest ratio of female ...
  14. International / Global

    Australia's Worker Visa Abolished: What Does It Mean for Tech? (TEAM, INFY)

    Australian PM Malcolm Turnbulll announced an "Australians first" labor strategy.
  15. Buzz & Trending

    The H-1B Visa Issue Explained (MSFT, GOOG)

    Silicon Valley is braced for President Trump's next executive order.
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