Aaron Hankin

Aaron is a staff writer at Investopedia covering everything from company news to macro-economic trends. After nine years in banking, Aaron turned to reporting, graduating from New York University with a Master’s in Business and Economic Reporting. 

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  1. Stocks

    Semiconductor Sector Haunts Short Sellers

    Short sellers load up on semiconductor stocks, but losses grow.
  2. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin Could Reach $50,000: Wall Street Analyst

    As supply slows, one analyst thinks Bitcoin price could surge.
  3. Stocks

    Tesla Shorts Take a $600 Million Hit

    The electric car maker continues to be thorn in side of short sellers.
  4. Stocks

    AMD to Fall 30 Percent: Barclays

    Barclays sees doom and gloom for one of the hottest stocks.
  5. Stocks

    Warren Buffett's $100 Billion Problem

    Excess cash: cause for concern, or lack of opportunity?
  6. Virtual Currency

    Bitcoin Is Now Bigger Than These 4 Companies

    From a slice of pizza to $50 billion. How Bitcoin has outpaced these four companies.
  7. Stocks

    The 10 Biggest Shorts In The U.S. Equity Market

    Short selling has been a painful strategy for investors in 2017.
  8. Stocks

    Are Investors Abandoning the Tech Train?

    Slowing flows into the tech sector suggest a bumpy road ahead for tech stocks.
  9. Markets & Economy

    The Downside of Low Unemployment

    Yes, the unemployment rate can be too low.
  10. Stocks

    Amazon Set for "Spectacular Collapse"

    Is doomsday for Amazon around the corner?
  11. Stocks

    There's A 94% Chance of Stock Market Gains This Coming Year

    A contrarian indicator suggests more upside for U.S. investors.
  12. Stocks

    Overcrowded Trades Are Outperforming

    Thanks to the surging tech sector, it's been a good year to play copycat.
  13. Politics & Money

    Vladimir Putin: World's Richest Person?

    Is the world's richest person really the Russian president? This financier says so.
  14. People

    Jeff Bezos: Trillionaire By 2042?

    Jeff Bezos may be just 25 years from $1,000,000,000,000.
  15. People

    Reince Priebus

    Chief of Staff- REPLACED
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