David Floyd

David Floyd covers economic news, trends and peculiar money stories for Investopedia.com.  He began writing about business and investing shortly after graduating from Kenyon College, and his work also appears on Nasdaq.com, Fusion Money and Kapitall Wire.

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  1. Company Insights

    Apple and Tesla: A Tale of Two Bond Issues

    When rates hit a multi-millennium low, strange things happen.
  2. Virtual Currency


    Brexit refers to Britain's leaving the European Union, which could happen in as few as two years.
  3. Markets & Economy

    NAFTA's Winners And Losers

    Trump campaigned on a promise to renegotiate NAFTA. Talks start August 16.
  4. Markets & Economy

    9 Common Effects of Inflation

    Is inflation ever good? Maybe if you like your job it is.
  5. Virtual Currency

    How Bitcoin Works

    Miners, hashes, keys, cold storage, blocks. It's confusing. We can help you understand how bitcoin works.
  6. Politics & Money


    Irexit refers to Ireland's potential exit from the EU.
  7. Markets & Economy

    What Is $100 Worth In Your State?

    One state's $84 is another state's $116.
  8. Managing Wealth

    What Is Usain Bolt's Net Worth?

    How much does being the fastest human being on Earth get you?
  9. Taxes

    Trump's Tax Reform Plan

    The Trump administration has disclosed the broad outlines of its tax reform plan, but details are lacking and division are ...
  10. Stocks

    Opinion: Dow 22,000 Is (Even More) Stupid

    The problem's not the 20,000 or the 22,000. It's the Dow.
  11. Markets & Economy


    Shrinkflation is inflation that results from a reduction in the size of a product, rather than an increase in its price.
  12. People

    John Kelly

    A look at the new Trump administration Chief of Staff.
  13. Crime & Fraud

    The Great Financial Crisis 10 Years On: Countrywide Warns of 'Difficult Conditions'

    A decade ago today, a mortgage lender told investors things could get hairy. Could they ever.
  14. Stocks

    Chipotle: Rise and Fall of a Wall Street Darling

    According to reports, people are getting sick after eating at a Virginia Chipotle. Here we go again?
  15. People

    Hamilton's Wall Street: What the Musical Didn't Tell You

    Wall Street's founder isn't just responsible for the good parts of American finance. Insider trading and speculative bubbles ...
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