Nathan Reiff

Nathan Reiff is a writer and musician based in the New York City area. He holds degrees from Yale University and the University of Michigan. Nathan has previously worked for Orion Consultants and Partners in Performance and has written for Internet Brands on subjects ranging from money matters to personal and home development. His interests include technology, travel, and food.

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  1. Virtual Currency

    Cryptocurrency Market Cap Reaches Record High of $30 Billion

    The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies continues to grow at an incredible rate.
  2. Virtual Currency

    North Korea May Be Responsible for Recent Spate of Bitcoin Attacks

    Evidence is mounting to suggest that North Korea is behind a rash of Bitcoin account hacks
  3. Alternative Investments

    Billionaire Leon Cooperman Predicts Bull Market Will Calm Down

    The Omega Advisors chairman sees the market stabilizing at "trendless/uninteresting" for several months to come.
  4. Virtual Currency

    Self-Declared Bitcoin Creator Sees Company He Inspired Sold to Private Equity

    Craig Wright, who claims to have invented Bitcoin, has witnessed nChain Holdings, a company formulated on his research, as ...
  5. Virtual Currency

    Microsoft Office Incorporates Blockchain Technology (MSFT)

    An add-in for the company's ubiquitous Office software package will make use of Stampery, a blockchain timestamping service.
  6. Investing Strategy

    Hedge Funds Are Not Dead! They Just Had Their Best Q1 Since 2013

    Take that, hedge fund skeptics!
  7. Alternative Investments

    Tiger Global Making a Major Bet on Billionaire Leon Black (V, MA)

    Chase Coleman's hedge fund is investing heavily in Apollo Global, private equity company of billionaire Leon Black.
  8. Alternative Investments

    Ackman's Latest Successful Bet? Fish Sticks (NOMD)

    Thanks to an insightful investment in Nomad Foods, hedge funder Bill Ackman has seen a much-needed success.
  9. Forex & Currencies

    Deloitte's Cunning Bitcoin and Blockchain Plan

    Deloitte is gradually incorporating Bitcoin into real-world transactions at its Toronto office.
  10. Investing

    Anthony Ward's Cocoa Hedge Fund Reports Historic First Loss

    The famous trader saw a loss in 2016 after a decade of uninterrupted gains.
  11. Alternative Investments

    For Hedge Fund Investors, Naming and Branding are Key

    A report shows investors rely disproportionately on fund names when making investment decisions.
  12. Investing Strategy

    Yale CIO Speaks Out About Hedge Funds (AR, VWO)

    David Swensen, the CIO of Yale University's respected endowment, recommends using low-cost index funds for the everyday investor.
  13. Investing Strategy

    Taser - Now Axon - May Be Gathering Image Data

    Taser International has been renamed and will focus on body cameras and services, but why?
  14. Virtual Currency

    Chinese Investment in Bitcoin Mining is Enormous

    China is a major player in Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining, but with the Chinese government changing its rules, what will happen?
  15. Alternative Investments

    Blackrock Rethinks Active Management Strategies after Rough Year

    BlackRock announced plans to change its active management following a year in which 40% of their funds under-performed.
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