Michael Foster

Michael Foster

Michael Foster has written on stocks, economics, and personal finance for several websites over half a decade. His work has been featured on MSN Money, Bankrate, TheStreet, SeekingAlpha, and several other financial websites. Before writing full-time, he received a Ph.D. and spent a few years teaching at universities in Europe and Asia.  He has also helped startups and small private firms develop business plans and pitch to venture capitalists and private investors. Currently, Michael is focusing on developing strategies that combine growth investing in technology sectors driven by deep due diligence and fundamental analysis with diversified high yield investing in alternative asset classes.

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  1. International / Global

    Brexit Dings British Bank Stocks (BCS, RBS)

    British banks are taking a hit after Prime Minister Theresa May makes the Brexit breakup official.
  2. Insights

    Manulife Appoints New President (MFC)

    The Canadian insurance and investment firm hired its man in Asia to the top role.
  3. Financial Analysis

    Deutsche Bank Fined for LIBOR Fraud (DB)

    Deutsche Bank has settled with the Department of Justice for colluding with other banks to set the LIBOR. The price tag: ...
  4. ETFs

    Small-Cap ETFs Set for Sharp Swings (TNA, TZA)

    Analysts see greater price volatility on the horizon for small-cap stocks, and that may drive greater movements in the leveraged ...
  5. ETFs

    Volatility Begins Falling Again (VXX, TVIX)

    After a few days of reversing course, volatility and volatility-tracking ETFs are falling lower yet again.
  6. Banking

    Deutsche Expanding in New York? (DB)

    Execs visit the New York office to discuss plans of expansion.
  7. Commodities

    U.S. Oil Production Stymies OPEC Moves (USO, UCO)

    Oil ETFs are falling thanks to new signs that OPEC's price manipulations may be harder to implement.
  8. ETFs

    Is VTI the Best Index Fund? (VTI, SPY)

    Vanguard's total stock market fund just announced a new dividend. Is it the best choice for long-term investors?
  9. International / Global

    HSBC to Hire 1,000 in China (HSBC)

    HSBC is starting a hiring spree in the south of mainland China.
  10. International / Global

    Deutsche Bank Doubles Down on London (DB)

    Despite fears Brexit would cause banks to flee London, and despite cutbacks elsewhere, Deutsche Bank just signed a 25-year ...
  11. Stocks

    Will iBanks Follow J.P. Morgan Dividend Hike? (JPM, GS)

    Goldman Sachs may be perfectly positioned to boost its dividend, but Morgan Stanley is not.
  12. Stocks

    Deutsche Bank Faces New Fines (DB)

    The bank has paid fines for laundering money for Russian criminals and for selling toxic assets that caused the global recession. ...
  13. Commodities

    Natural Gas, Oil Remain Weak (UNG, UGAZ)

    Oil and natural gas have fallen on persistently high inventories, and the ETFs that track them are suffering even more.
  14. Real Estate

    Zillow May Have Violated Mortgage Regulations (Z, ZG)

    Zillow has rephrased disclaimers around its controversial mortgage referral business following concerns that the ads may ...
  15. Stocks

    Goldman Planning to Downscale UK Operations (GS)

    Brexit is driving the investment bank to shift to Germany and France.
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