Michael Foster

Michael Foster

Michael Foster has written on stocks, economics, and personal finance for several websites over half a decade. His work has been featured on MSN Money, Bankrate, TheStreet, SeekingAlpha, and several other financial websites. Before writing full-time, he received a Ph.D. and spent a few years teaching at universities in Europe and Asia.  He has also helped startups and small private firms develop business plans and pitch to venture capitalists and private investors. Currently, Michael is focusing on developing strategies that combine growth investing in technology sectors driven by deep due diligence and fundamental analysis with diversified high yield investing in alternative asset classes.

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  1. Stocks

    Berkshire Hathaway to Report this Weekend (BRK-A, BRK-B)

    Berkshire Hathaway will release its Annual Report to shareholders on Saturday and likely discuss the attempted takeover of ...
  2. Stocks

    Realty Income Beats on Earnings, Forward Guidance Comes up Short (O)

    Realty Income Corp.'s 77 cents of FFO per share beat estimates, but 2017's earnings may be a disappointment.
  3. Stocks

    LendingTree Soars on Record Quarter (TREE)

    Sales, profits and future guidance soared past expectations.
  4. Stocks

    Barclays Rises on Expected Earnings, Weak Income (BCS)

    Despite disappointing operating income, Barclays shares are higher thanks to in-line earnings per share.
  5. Stocks

    Realty Income Earnings Preview (O)

    Realty Income shares fell sharply after its last earnings report, but management hinted earnings would grow sharply in the ...
  6. Stocks

    Three Investment Banks to Lead Aramco IPO (HSBC, MS)

    Rumors are swirling that HSBC, Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan will lead the largest IPO in history, worth over $100 billion.
  7. ETFs

    Natural Gas Futures Plunge on Warm Weather Expectations (UNG, UGAZ)

    Natural gas is 2017's biggest energy loser as warmer weather lowers demand throughout the United States.
  8. Stocks

    FXCM to Rebrand as Global Brokerage Inc. (FXCM, GLBR)

    The beleagured online currency brokerage is hoping a name change will help it regain investor confidence.
  9. Stocks

    RBS Details Plans for Williams & Glyn (RBS)

    RBS hopes to transform the defunct business into a business loan juggernaut.
  10. ETFs

    Stock Volatility Stays at Historic Low (VXX, XIV)

    Stock volatility has plummeted, causing volatility ETFs to crash in value. There's one exception: A fund that's up nearly ...
  11. Stocks

    RBS to Keep Williams & Glyn (RBS)

    Shares of RBS are jumping thanks to plans to overhaul Williams & Glyn. The new unit will offer fintech and business banking ...
  12. Stocks

    HSBC Plummets on Quarterly Loss, Stagnant Dividend (HSBC)

    Shares plummeted nearly 7 percent in trading in London, with ADR shares set to decline by a similar amount in pre-market ...
  13. ETFs

    Natural Gas ETFs Poised to Extend Losses (UNG)

    After falling 23 percent from the start of 2017, things may be getting worse for UNG.
  14. Commodities

    Natural Gas Futures Lose Ground (UGAZ)

    Monday saw weakness for the commodity, with natural gas futures seeing extended losses despite lower inventories and a Texas ...
  15. Stocks

    Annaly Reports Strong Earnings Despite Book Value Decline (NLY)

    The mortgage REIT titan is earning its dividend, but total asset value is getting hammered by interest rate volatility.
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