Michael Foster

Michael Foster

Michael Foster has written on stocks, economics, and personal finance for several websites over half a decade. His work has been featured on MSN Money, Bankrate, TheStreet, SeekingAlpha, and several other financial websites. Before writing full-time, he received a Ph.D. and spent a few years teaching at universities in Europe and Asia.  He has also helped startups and small private firms develop business plans and pitch to venture capitalists and private investors. Currently, Michael is focusing on developing strategies that combine growth investing in technology sectors driven by deep due diligence and fundamental analysis with diversified high yield investing in alternative asset classes.

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  1. Stocks

    BB&T Reports Disappointing Revenue, Earnings (BBT)

    The regional bank saw revenue grow less than analysts expected.
  2. Stocks

    KeyCorp Beats Expectations for Revenues, Earnings (KEY)

    KeyCorp saw higher profits, rising loan activity and greater demand for financial services in the fourth quarter.
  3. ETFs

    Despite Warnings, Post-Brexit Britain is Fine (EEA, EWU)

    British voters were warned of an immediate economic shock, but mounting data suggests otherwise.
  4. Stocks

    Prudential Now Manages Over $1 Trillion (PRU)

    Prudential now has over $1 trillion in assets under management, while its insurance business continues to struggle.
  5. Stocks

    Market Shrugs US Bancorp's Earnings Beat (USB)

    U.S. Bancorp's earnings and revenue grew to beat expectations, but the stock opened down slightly.
  6. Stocks

    Goldman Sachs Beats Earnings, Stock Down (GS, MS)

    Goldman Sachs cut compensation, grew revenues and saw earnings soar. But the market is punishing the stock anyway.
  7. Stocks

    Realty Income Raises Dividend Again (O, RWR)

    Strong growth and higher income is supporting another dividend increase for one of the most popular REITs in America.
  8. Investing Strategy

    Analysts on 2017: Earnings Growth is Coming (SPY, GS)

    Investment banks are optimistic about earnings in 2017, with some analysts predicting EPS to rise 10 percent throughout the ...
  9. Stocks

    Deutsche Bank to Cut 90 Percent of Bonuses (DB, GS)

    Deutsche Bank will reportedly withhold bonuses from 90 percent of its workforce.
  10. Commodities

    OPEC Expects Stable Oil Prices (USO, UCO)

    Oil futures jumped after OPEC claimed "unparalleled" commitment to lowering oil output.
  11. Stocks

    Morgan Stanley Crushes Earnings (MS)

    The investment bank's revenues jumped over 16 percent from a year ago, and earnings were far higher than analysts' estimates.
  12. ETFs

    European Stocks Slump on Britain's "Hard Brexit" (EEA, RODM)

    Rumors that the U.K. will seek a swift and total exit from the European Union has caused the British pound and stock markets ...
  13. Politics & Money

    Trump Wants Universal Health Insurance Coverage? (HCP, HCN)

    Donald Trump hints at "Trumpcare" in a new interview, promising to guarantee "insurance for everybody."
  14. Commodities

    Oil Falls on OPEC Production Cut Doubts (USO, UCO)

    OPEC is seeking another oil production cut in May, but experts think any agreement made by the group is doomed to fail.
  15. Stocks

    Morgan Stanley Bankers Face Job Cuts, Lower Pay (MS)

    Morgan Stanley is firing several senior bankers and lowering bonuses for workers.
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