Mrinalini Krishna

Mrinalini Krishna

Mrinalini Krishna recently graduated from New York University's Business and Economic Reporting (BER) program. For five years, she was a business television reporter in India chasing down stories on economic policy and financial markets. She now writes about business and money.

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  1. Personal Finance

    Millennials Are Risk Averse and Hoarding Cash

    Still shaken up from the financial crisis, Millennials have lower risk tolerance than older generations, studies show.
  2. High Net Worth Living

    Bezos, Buffett and Ortega Battle it Out for World's Second Richest Man

    Despite the bump in Amazon stock after the Whole Foods deal, the race is on between Bezos and Zara's Ortega for the ever-changing ...
  3. Stocks

    Amazon Stock Gain Pays For $13.7 Billion Whole Foods Deal

    After a fake-out in April, Amazon actually did buy Whole Foods after all, basically for free. Bye-bye WFM debts in one swoop.
  4. Career / Compensation

    The 25 Best Companies to Work For – And Why

    Top companies across the globe attract and retain employees by thinking about their lives beyond work.
  5. Virtual Currency

    3 Marijuana Cryptocurrencies, Including Dennis Rodman's Pick

    Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman's North Korea visit gives marijuana cryptocurrencies a high.
  6. Stocks

    Amazon Cuts Prime Fee for Low-income Earners (AMZN, WMT)

    The e-commerce giant looks to gain ground on rival Wal-Mart's territory.
  7. Buzz & Trending

    Hi-tech, Low Cost Virtual Border Wall: Oculus Founder's New Bet

    Technology used in self-driving cars could be used for surveillance of borders and military bases, according to report
  8. Commodities

    Paris Agreement: Pulling Out May Not Help Coal Industry

    Coal production is decreasing, mines are shutting down and number of employees are shrinking fast.
  9. Career / Compensation

    4 Pieces of Good News for Job-Seeking Grads

    There are more jobs and higher salaries on offer for the Class of 2017.
  10. Buzz & Trending

    Wine Country: America's Love For Wine

    As the largest market for wine, Americans spent nearly $60 billion on vino in 2016.
  11. Stocks

    Blockbuster! Netflix's Journey on Its IPO Anniversary

    If you bought the stock during the IPO, you'd have raked in a 14,000% return
  12. Buzz & Trending

    The Biggest Airline PR Disasters of All Time

    Bad publicity generated by social media has airline PR reps scrambling. Here's a few of the worst PR disasters of all time ...
  13. Insights

    Minn. and Penn. High Schoolers Win National Economics Challenge 2017

    Questions included ones composed by the Federal Reserve. Yes, that Federal Reserve.
  14. Stocks

    Why These Drug Stocks May Surge (ALKS, ALDR, AIMT)

    Drugs in the pipeline could boost these stocks
  15. Buzz & Trending

    Coming Soon: A Vending Machine for Pot

    High-tech biometric scanning machine could spit out age-controlled substances for customers
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