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  1. Options & Futures

    Careers In The Derivatives Market

    The growing interest in and complexity of these securities means opportunities for job seekers.
  2. Options & Futures

    Are Derivatives Safe For Retail Investors?

    These vehicles have gotten a bad rap in the press. Find out whether they deserve it.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Consulting The Consultants (FCN, NCI, HURN)

    We examine three consulting firms to see which offers the best returns, and which needs a consultant of its own.
  4. Stock Analysis

    There's No Crying In Investment Banking (BAC)

    Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis wants to take his ball and go home after a 32% decline in profits and brutal investment banking numbers.
  5. Stock Analysis

    Research In Motion On The Move (RIMM)

    Research In Motion beat expectations for the quarter and looks strong, but will its motion ulitmateley be down - not up?
  6. Stock Analysis

    Monsanto Building Momentum (MON)

    The seed producer had a tough quater but a great year - Monsanto just keeps getting better.
  7. Stock Analysis

    A Wolverine In The Hen House (WWW)

    The shoe business may seem sedate, but Wolverine is proof that agressive companies mean big returns - no matter the industry.
  8. Stock Analysis

    Cognos Surviving In A Cutthroat Game (COGN)

    Cognos slipped from the shadows to beat EPS estimates by a penny - are more surprises on the way?
  9. Stock Analysis

    Sometimes Hedging Isn't Enough (LEH, MER)

    Lehman Bros. beat earnings estimates by managing its hedges and expenses; Morgan Stanley missed because it forgot about the second part.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Hoisting Heavy Returns In Heavy Equipment (CAT, TEX, CNH)

    Big cranes and big tractors are impressive, but when it comes to the equipment makers, lean and mean is the key to success.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Steel Of A Deal (X, NUE, MT)

    Steel production has become an oligopoly. We examine steel's "big three" to see which one has the best potential.
  12. Stock Analysis

    'High Touch' Equals High Return (MON, MMM, ECL)

    We examine three companies responding to the backlash against hi-tech, computer-driven sales by adding the human touch.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Hunting The Headhunters (HSII, KFY, MAN, KELYA)

    From the executive suite to temps in the typing pool, these firms have it covered.
  14. Stock Analysis

    Can You Bank On European Banking? (DB, UBS, CS)

    We examine three giants of European investment banking as they attempt to move beyond their borders.
  15. Stock Analysis

    Medicine's Marketing Machines (CEPH, FRX, SHPGY)

    We examine three pharmaceutical companies known as much for their ads as they are for their treatments.
  16. Stock Analysis

    Energy MLPs Turn Up The Heat (EPD, KMP, BWP)

    We examine three master limited partnerships who are set to profit when the snow begins to fly.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Lessons In Leverage

    Greed is alive and well and living in subprime mortgages.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Feeding Our Offshore Addiction (TDW, HOS, CKH)

    We need offshore oil, and offshore drillers need supplies – we examine three shipping companies who make it happen.
  19. Stock Analysis

    What's Plaguing Radio? (CDL,ETM,CXR)

    Radio listeners seem to be tuning out; learn if investors should follow.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Making A Difference In Dialysis (FMS,DVA,NXTM)

    Treating renal failure is serious business. With so many Baby Boomers in America, it's also one that isn't going away.
  21. Stock Analysis

    Looking Good (AVP, REV, EL)

    Door-to-door or upscale department store, what is the best way to sell cosmetics?
  22. Stock Analysis

    Oil Industry Winners And Losers (COG,XEC,PPP)

    An examination of three oil and gas frims who are the same size, drill in the same place yet have very different results.
  23. Stock Analysis

    Stay Smart With Business Intelligence (SPSS, BOBJ, COGN)

    To stay competitive, organizations must know what their competitors are doing - a look at three firms helping companies stay informed.
  24. Stock Analysis

    Capitalizing On Our Candy Cravings (NSRGY, CSG, HSY)

    Not all chocolate investments are a sweet deal. We taste test three of the major confectionery conveyors.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Warming To Solar Power (STP, SWPR, ENER)

    Complaints at the pump and rising utility bills mean that solar energy's future is looking brighter and brighter.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Investigating A Corny Subject (ADM, CPO, CAG)

    A look at three corn producers who use innovation to differentiate themselves in a competitive market.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Finding Black Gold In The Deep (ESV, NE, GSF)

    Shallow-water drilling rates are dropping, but there is still money to be made in deep-water oil.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Computer-Aided Success (PMTC, DASTY, CTXS)

    Research and development is the key to success in the highly competitive enterprise-software game.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Gritty Profit Found In Oil Sands (IMO, SU, MRO)

    A look at three mid-sized integrated oil companies that have plenty to offer.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Foil The Market With Aluminum (AA, AL, ACH)

    The Aluminum market is are red hot. Global demand has out-paced supply for the past two years.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Locate Profit With GPS Technology (TRMB, GRMN, HON)

    It seems global positioning technology is everywhere; which companies are cashing in?
  32. Stock Analysis

    The Eyes Have It (EYE, BOL, ACL)

    A look at three big players in the eye-care business.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Something To Build On (OC, USG, ASD)

    A little patience could reward investors in these three housing-industry stocks.
  34. Stock Analysis

    A Necessary Evil (WLP, AET, CI)

    HMOs play an increasingly important part in our lives as we all get older. How well can they protect your portfolio?
  35. Stock Analysis

    Outsource Your Data (FIS, FISV, CSC)

    A peek at the returns of three very different data-processing firms.
  36. Stock Analysis

    Making Change At The Bank

    A look at three institutions who are pushing the standard definition of regional bank.
  37. Stock Analysis

    The REIT Stuff (RYN, PCL, WY)

    A look at three potential asset plays in the lucrative timberland game.
  38. Stock Analysis

    Making A Market (GS, MS, MER)

    A comparative look at three of Wall Street's pure investment banking powerhouses.
  39. Stock Analysis

    Upstream Oil: Gauging The Risk (OXY, EOG, APC)

    Finding and extracting oil is an uncertain business, here's a look at three companies thriving under the pressure.
  40. Stock Analysis

    A Lucrative Enterprise (ORCL, SAP, ADBE)

    The enterprise software market is exploding, and competition is fierce. A look at three firms in the battle.
  41. Stock Analysis

    Analogous To Everything (TXN, ADI, LLTC)

    A look at three companies whose analog semi-conductors are imbedded in our technology-driven lives.
  42. Stock Analysis

    Surviving The Telecom Bubble (GLW, CIEN, JDSU)

    A look at three optical-equipment companies who may require patient investors.
  43. Stock Analysis

    Specialty Steel: A Captive Market (CRS, ATI, AKS)

    Specialty steel may be "flat rolled", but the profits and share performance of these three companies certainly aren’t flat.
  44. Stock Analysis

    The Nuts And Bolts Of Tool Making

    The tool business is a good business to be in right now. Here are three companies with a grip on the industry.
  45. Stock Analysis

    No Wrong Numbers Here (T, VZ, WIN)

    Be it land-line or wireless, telecommunications is a very big deal for a lot of reasons.
  46. Stock Analysis

    Selling The Sellers (IPG, OMC, CCO)

    A look at three advertising companies who manage to compete in one of the most cutthroat industries around
  47. Stock Analysis

    Bullet Proof (AH, BAESY, FRPT)

    People, vehicles and aircraft are safer from hostile fire because of these firms and the technology they produce.
  48. Stock Analysis

    Carving A Niche In A Crowded Market (SNE, MC, HAR)

    A look at three companies who use a variety of strategies to compete in the fierce consumer-electronics game.
  49. Stock Analysis

    It's A Dirty Job (WMI, WCN, AW, RSG)

    Garbage -- There seems to be an ever-increasing supply, yet these four companies still can't get enough.
  50. Stock Analysis

    Kick The Tires (GPI, AN, SAH)

    Selling cars involves more than a slick smile and a cheesy moustache. We glimpse the inner workings of three mega-dealers.
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