Mark Whistler

Mark Whistler is the author of "Trading Pairs" (2004) and "Trade With Passion and Purpose" (2007). He is one of two creators of and a regular columnist for Trader Monthly magazine and

In addition, Whistler is the editor for the trading/newsletter service, The Volatility Trader, and is a regular contributor to the Accelerated Profits Report. Some of his other writing credentials include The Motley Fool, Active Trader Magazine,, and Working-Money online. Mark also conducts research for the Oxford Club and is an investment panelist for the Mt. Vernon Options Club.

Whistler's trading specialties are statistical arbitrage (pairs trading), small and micro cap stocks, and in-the-money option reversals.

Whistler believes that great traders are those who have an excellent ability to handle stress and are able to take an honest and searching look inside when things get tough. Every trader is eventually faced with challenges in the market, but it's how we deal with the difficult moments that determines our success.

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