Mark Whistler

  1. Mutual Funds & ETFs

    Which Mutual Fund Market Cap Suits You?

    Different funds invest in companies with different market caps. Find out which is right for you.
  2. Stock Analysis

    The Future Of Real Estate In America

    Jeff Gurnari, Suze Orman's "sidekick" of six years, tells why he switched from TV to real estate.
  3. Stock Analysis

    Is Stock Market Capitulation Over?

    We examine the present market for clues to where and when we'll see a bottom.
  4. Stock Analysis

    Slowing U.K. Growth Could Hit ADRs

    Learn which ADRs could be hurt by the IMF's gloomy GDP forecast for the United Kingdom.
  5. Stock Analysis

    American Express Is Everywhere You Don't Want To Be

    Earnings dropped to $653 million from over $1 billion for American Express as we learned that wealthy Americans are struggling, too.
  6. Stock Analysis

    The Secret In the FOMC Announcement

    Wednesday's FOMC annoucement provides hidden guidance on what to expect in one important sector in the coming months. Learn which one.
  7. Stock Analysis

    Dean Foods Past Its Expiration Date?

    Dairy producer Dean Foods is under pressure, and one of its directors just sold stock while it's on the way down, should you?
  8. Stock Analysis

    The Smart Money Is In Apartment Construction

    Residential housing starts jumped 8.2%, but the gains came from apartment construction not single-family homes. Learn the key players.
  9. Stock Analysis

    Transformers Rescue Hasbro From Recession

    Contrary to conventional wisdom one toy maker looks recession proof. Strong branding and nagging kids trump logic every time.
  10. Stock Analysis

    Bottom Fishing Among The Clouds

    With recent declines in airline stocks, we could be on the verge of merger mania. That means there are bargains to be had.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Why GE's Freefall Didn't Pull Down The Dow

    GE took a pounding Friday, yet the DJIA hardly moved. It's a flawed system where the more a company falls, the less it counts.
  12. Stock Analysis

    Profit In The Pipeline

    News of an Iraqi pipeline fix could lower oil prices in the near-term, but investors should be thinking long term when they consider oil stocks.
  13. Stock Analysis

    Strangely, Ford's 'Buy High, Sell Low' Strategy Could Work

    Ford unloaded its Jaguar and Land Rover lines on Tata Motors, getting a fraction of what it paid for them. How can his be a good deal?
  14. Stock Analysis

    The Stealth Wealth In Municipal Bonds

    For a few municipal bond ETFs the present risk within muni markets might actually be a blessing in disguise.
  15. Stock Analysis

    The Stealth Rally In Steel

    Boring old steel companies have been market darlings as of late, but will steel prices and stocks be able to hold on to their momentum?
  16. Stock Analysis

    Cemex: Ready-Made Profit

    The world's No.3 cement maker is set to capitalize on emerging-market demand, and a Mexican base of operations keeps costs down.
  17. Stock Analysis

    Dilution Won't Spoil The Milk At Dean Foods

    Secondary offerings are often worrisome for shareholders, but Dean Foods is making the smart play to pay down its debt.
  18. Stock Analysis

    Truth Or Scare? Recall Hurts Beef Producers

    Hidden video of abuse at a slaughterhouse triggered the largest beef recall in U.S. history. Learn which meat producers could get hurt.
  19. Stock Analysis

    Weyerhaeuser's Honesty Good For Investors (WY)

    The lumber producer has made no attempt to hide the tough times it's facing. Under-promise and over-deliver is a smart strategy.
  20. Stock Analysis

    Yahoo! Right Over A Cliff (YHOO)

    Yahoo's earnings were lackluster, restructuring is underway, and what's going on with the Microsoft merger rumor?
  21. Stock Analysis

    Schlumberger's Gloomy Facade (SLB, XOM)

    Schlumberger reported huge numbers for the quarter, but did so with a trembling voice. What gives?
  22. Stock Analysis

    Mergers Could Unite The Air (DAL, UAUA, NWA)

    Elevated fuel costs could spur a wave of mergers within airlines, but something else may be brewing too.
  23. Stock Analysis

    The Talbots Omen (TLB, WMT)

    Tough holiday sales are causing a wave of store closures at Talbots. Could the rest of the retail sector be in trouble, too?
  24. Stock Analysis

    Denison Mines: Small Cap With Big Prospects (DNN)

    With uranium at $90 a pound Denison Mines may have room to run.
  25. Stock Analysis

    Finding Profit In Hybrid Cars

    Green is in, and so are hybrid cars. Here's the scoop on the stocks that stand to profit most from the hybrid trend.
  26. Stock Analysis

    Gold And Inflation: Countering With An Options Strategy

    Gold's headed up lately. We look at one option strategy to help you protect your portfolio with this precious metal.
  27. Stock Analysis

    Subprime: Nightmare Scenario

    Remember the savings and loan crisis? Subprime could be worse - much, much worse.
  28. Stock Analysis

    Big Rig Emission Changes May Hurt Makers (CMI,OSK,VOLV)

    New EPA rules mean short-term pain for long-term gain in the heavy truck industry.
  29. Stock Analysis

    Volatility Indicating A Paradigm Shift? (VIX)

    The VIX is trading at a 52-week high, and it’s time to pay attention.
  30. Stock Analysis

    Earn Some Green By Going Green (FCEL, ENER, BLDP)

    The presidential election looms, and global warming is a hot topic - a look at three alternative-energy stocks set for the spotlight.
  31. Stock Analysis

    Hedge Against Falling Real Estate (SRS)

    As real estate sentiment falls, the UltraShort Real Estate ProShares ETF can help investors hedge.
  32. Stock Analysis

    Agriculture: Growth For The Long Term (BG)

    With a rapidly expanding global population, long-term agriculture prospects are blistering for bulls.
  33. Stock Analysis

    Trucking -- The Overlooked Sector (JBHT, CHRW, ABFS)

    Depsite rising fuel costs, transport companies could be a great investment over the next year.
  34. Stock Analysis

    Why You Should Never Chase a Stock

    With the massive move in Dendreon over the past few days, you may be tempted to chase the stock; here's why you shouldn't.