Chris Ciaccia

Chris Ciaccia

Chris Ciaccia is currently a freelance journalist covering a wide variety of topics, from ETFs to options to technology.  Prior to this, he worked for TheStreet as a technology reporter. He's also covered markets for Benzinga and worked as an analyst at GMAC and at Laurus Capital Management.  Chris has a bachelor's degree in finance from Seton Hall University.

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  1. Entrepreneurship

    Flipkart Online Services

    Flipkart is trying to revolutionize India's tradition-bound retail market but faces stiff competition from Amazon
  2. Entrepreneurship

    Startup China Rapid Finance Poised for U.S. IPO

    Ready Cash: The peer-to-peer lender plans to use its IPO to expand in China
  3. Entrepreneurship

    Douyu Reportedly Raising $145M For Live Streaming Plan

    Avid Live-Streamer: Chinese startup is reportedly raising $145 million to expand in the lucrative market
  4. Stocks

    Uber's Race to Catch Asian Rivals May Hurt Profits

    Motorcycle Taxis: Since withdrawing from China, Uber has continued to struggle in Asia
  5. Stocks

    Snap Inc. Raises Valuation from $19.5 Billion to $22.2 Billion (SNAP, FB)

    The largest U.S.-listed tech offering since Alibaba’s IPO in 2014 is almost here.
  6. Company Insights

    Airbnb Wants to Spend Its Cash—But on What? (PCLN, EXPE)

    Airbnb is looking to further expand its business and is likely to make acquisitions.
  7. Entrepreneurship

    Palantir Technologies Inc.

    Palantir uses big data to advise the private sector and U.S. government, including the Navy SEALs
  8. Entrepreneurship

    Samumed Is Trying to Create the Fountain of Youth

    Eternal Youth: Samumed's value has grown to $12 billion as it researches treatments to make people younger
  9. Company Insights

    How Airbnb Is Trying to Get the Rich & Famous (AIRB, EXPE)

    Airbnb is reportedly buying Luxury Rentals, a Canadian website used to rent luxury homes, for $200M.
  10. Company Insights

    SoundHound to Advance AI to Beat Tech Giants (AMZN, GOOGL)

    SoundHound raised $75 million to keep competing against tech giants for artificial intelligence supremacy.
  11. People

    Jeffrey Katzenberg Raised a Shrek-Sized Amount of Money (CMCSA, DIS)

    After stepping down from Dreamworks Animation Jeffrey Katzenberg is heading up a new venture.
  12. Stocks

    Alphabet, Microsoft Earnings Highlight Focus on AI, Products (GOOGL, MSFT)

    Once known for solely focusing on software, Alphabet and Microsoft have increased their focus on hardware products, in addition ...
  13. Stocks

    Did Facebook Just Turn Virtual Reality Mainstream?

    Facebook's recent hire could be just the thing it needs to take virtual reality and put it into the mainstream.
  14. Entrepreneurship

    Didi Chuxing

    The ride-hailing company beat Uber and dominates the China market. Now it's eying the world
  15. Entrepreneurship


    Spotify's music streaming service has upended the industry and is now a rival to Apple
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