Jon Ogg

Jon Ogg has been a financial news analyst since 1997. Some of his accomplishments include creating an audio squawk for active traders called TTN (it was sold in 2003 and became a news broadcast desk that became part E*Trade); working as a licensed bond broker to U.S. and E.U. financial institutions; acting as a financial advisor and portfolio manager in Copenhagen, Denmark; and gaining experience in private financings. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance at University of Houston. Jon has lived in New York, Chicago, Copenhagen and Houston. To read more of his work, see his blog site

  1. Insurance

    CDOs and the Mortgage Market

    These structured products contribute to keeping borrowing rates low.
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    How Influential Economists Changed Our History

    Find out how these five groundbreaking thinkers laid our financial foundations.
  3. Markets

    Consumer Spending As A Market Indicator

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    Guard Your Portfolio With Defensive Stocks

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    Sorting Out Cult Stocks

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    The Cola Wars Continue (KO, PEP)

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    Royal Gold Has A Bright Future (RGLD)

    A look at the potential upside for this unique, Colorado-based gold company .
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    The Effects of the Altria-Kraft Spin-Off (MO, KFT)

    An interesting look at the effects the Altria-Kraft spin-off could bring to the major stock market indices.