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  1. Fundamental Analysis

    What role does discounted cash flow (DCF) play in stock ...

    Understand the meaning and significance of discounted cash flow, and learn how market analysts commonly use this stock evaluation tool.
  2. Trading Strategies

    How do I use the dividend capture strategy?

    Learn how to implement the dividend capture strategy, an aggressive, income-focused stock trading strategy investors can use to increase equity profits.
  3. Economics

    Under what circumstances will a government change its monetary ...

    Learn about the kind of variables, including political and theoretical factors, that can bring about change in a government's monetary policy.
  4. Economics

    How does monetary policy influence inflation?

    Take a deeper look at how contemporary central banks attempt to target and control the level of inflation through monetary policy tools.
  5. Fundamental Analysis

    What is the first day of the third quarter?

    Learn when the first day of the third quarter begins. Explore how reported financial results may have a profound impact on the price of shares.
  6. Technical Indicators

    What is a common strategy traders implement when using Fibonacci ...

    Learn common trading strategies traders use for trading with Fibonacci clusters to be able to enter a market at a very advantageous price.
  7. Trading Strategies

    Why is the Ease Of Movement Indicator important for traders ...

    Read more about the ease of movement indicator, a technical momentum oscillator created by Richard Arms to track price changes relative to their volume.
  8. Trading Strategies

    What is the Haurlan Index formula and how is it calculated?

    Read about the three major components of the Haurlan index, a technical breadth indicator based on the A/D Line of the NYSE created by P.N. Haurlan.
  9. Technical Indicators

    How do traders interpret a divergence of the Haurlan Index?

    Learn about the Haurlan Index, a three-part market breadth indicator used to qualify the strength of market movements and forecast coming movements.
  10. Trading Strategies

    What is a common strategy traders implement when using the ...

    Read about some common strategies that traders can implement to make the most of out the ease of movement indicator developed by Richard Arms.
  11. Stock Analysis

    Republic Services to Acquire Tervita to Boost US Presence ...

    Republic Services, Inc. (RSG) recently entered into an agreement to acquire Tervita, LLC - an environmental waste solutions subsidiary of Tervita Corporation, for an undisclosed amount.
  12. Stock Analysis

    GE Hikes Borrowing Capacity of Van-Rob Credit Facility - ...

    GE Capital Canada recently augmented the borrowing capacity of the senior secured credit facility of Van-Rob Inc. to $91 million.
  13. Stock Analysis

    3 Best Performing Defense Stocks of 2014 - Analyst Blog

    The year 2014 has been a dynamic one for the defense sector -- sequestration and cancellation of big ticket items did not do as much damage as was earlier apprehended. Thanks go largely to a rebounding ...
  14. Stock Analysis

    Citigroup (C) and Scotiabank (BNS) Ink Business Deal - Analyst ...

    In furtherance of its strategy to reduce costs through streamlining and enhancing returns to serve its clients better, Wall Street giant - Citigroup Inc. (C) inked a deal with Canada-based The Bank of ...
  15. Stock Analysis

    Stock Market News for December 22, 2014 - Market News

    Benchmarks ended a turbulent week on a positive note as investors continued to welcome Fed’s decision to remain ‘patient’ before raising the interest rate from near zero level