Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management and runs MCM's actively managed long-only Thematic Growth Portfolio which holds these stocks: ACAD, ALKS, CELG, DEO, DIS, GE, GOOGL, MA, MO, NFLX, NXPI, RTN, SBUX, SWKS TSKA, UL, V, VOD and VZ.

Additionally, he is the premium author of Reading The Market an exclusive offering on Seeking Alpha's marketplace.  

Michael's professional skills, first honed in high-risk trading environments, have now matured into a comprehensive, in-depth financial analysis of public companies, with a particular focus on finding new generational themes and trends in society. Additionally, he has dedicated a significant amount of his research to global macro economics and Central Bank policies impact on financial markets. 

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  1. Stocks

    Trader Bets Mastercard Rises 4 Percent In 3 Weeks

    Can Mastercard stock climb to $137 over the next three weeks? One trader apparently thinks so.
  2. Stocks

    Broadcom's 3Q Earnings Will Be A Must-Watch Event

    Broadcom's 3Q earnings release may be a good way to gauge the health of the semiconductor sector.
  3. Stocks

    Under Armour Stock Price Not Likely to Double

    Expecting Under Armour shares to double in price is wishful thinking. Here's why.
  4. Stocks

    Micron Sees Bullish Option Activity

    There was eyebrow-raising activity in Micron options trading on Wednesday, which sent the stock higher.
  5. Stocks

    Recent Biotech Pullback A Game of Risk

    Biotechnology stocks have stumbled recently but the outlook for the group looks positive.
  6. Stocks

    3 Keys To The Stock Market's Continued Rise

    The stock market is booming thanks to the robust economy, low interest rates, and strong corporate earnings.
  7. Stocks

    FAANG's Stock Prices Can Continue To Climb Higher

    The FAANG stocks are crushing it so far in 2017 and may be headed even higher.
  8. Stocks

    Acadia Pharmaceuticals Has Huge Opportunities Ahead

    Acadia's drug Nuplazid is in several trials, laying the groundwork for a potentially massive revenue stream.
  9. Stocks

    Alibaba's Stock Price Could Rise To $220

    The street is bullish on Alibaba stock. Here's why.
  10. Stocks

    Tesla's Debt Offering Is A Relief For The Stock

    Tesla raised $1.8 billion in its first U.S. high-yield junk bond offering last week.
  11. Stocks

    Why AMD's Stock Is Not Worth $20

    Could Advanced Micro Devices stock actually reach $20 a share? We examine the likelihood.
  12. Stocks

    Netflix Is On Its Way To 130 Million Subscribers

    Netflix could top a whopping 130 million subscribers by 2Q of 2018 if current trends continue.
  13. Stocks

    Nvidia's Growth Story Is Aging, But Not Broken

    Nvidia's explosive growth is stagnating, but that's not a bad thing.
  14. Stocks

    Snap Proves Again Why Facebook Is King

    Snap wants to compete with Facebook, but its meager revenue per user shows why FB is the big dog in town.
  15. Stocks

    Chip Stocks Not Finished Yet, More Room To Run

    Semiconductor stocks have stagnated recently, but there's room for growth in the near future.
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