Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management and runs MCM's actively managed long-only Thematic Growth Portfolio which holds these stocks: ACAD, ALKS, CELG, DEO, DIS, GE, GOOGL, MA, MO, NFLX, NXPI, RTN, SBUX, SWKS TSKA, UL, V, VOD and VZ.

Additionally, he is the premium author of Reading The Market an exclusive offering on Seeking Alpha's marketplace.  

Michael's professional skills, first honed in high-risk trading environments, have now matured into a comprehensive, in-depth financial analysis of public companies, with a particular focus on finding new generational themes and trends in society. Additionally, he has dedicated a significant amount of his research to global macro economics and Central Bank policies impact on financial markets. 

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  1. Stocks

    Procter & Gamble Continues To Have Two Big Problems

    Procter & Gamble's stock is overvalued and the company derives most of its revenue from slow-growth markets.
  2. Stocks

    GE: Getting Excited For The Future

    General Electric stock got hammered in 2017, but the worst may be over.
  3. Stocks

    Why IBM's Big Stock Rally Won't Last

    IBM stock rose 10% after its 3Q earnings report, but that spike won't last long. Here's why.
  4. Stocks

    AMD Nearing A Breakout - A Technical Analysis

    Technical analysis of Advanced Micro Devices stock suggests a breakout above $15.50 is on the horizon.
  5. Stocks

    Verizon Needs Growth To Drive Stock Price Higher

    Verizon's stock has stagnated for the past three years, fueled by dismal revenue and earnings growth.
  6. Stocks

    Biogen Could Rise 20% on Healthy Outlook

    Biogen shares were buoyed by strong revenue and earnings forecasts.
  7. Stocks

    Why EBay's Stock Is Overvalued After Big Gains

    eBay stock has performed well in 2017 despite the company's middling revenue and earnings growth.
  8. Stocks

    Why Apple Is Cheap Amid Richly Valued Techs

    Apple is undervalued relative to its peers Microsoft and Alphabet Inc. We explain why.
  9. Stocks

    Netflix Has Entered Its Second Phase of Growth

    Netflix Inc. has officially entered its second phase of growth with U.S. subscriber growth now waning.
  10. Stocks

    Morgan Stanley's High-Flying Stock May Keep Rising

    Despite lackluster 3Q earnings projections, Morgan's stock is expected to spike in the coming months.
  11. Stocks

    Why Johnson & Johnson's Stock Could Rise 10%

    Johnson & Johnson shares could spike if the company delivers solid 3Q revenue and earnings.
  12. Stocks

    Intel and Qualcomm Could Rise 20%: Technical Analysis

    Qualcomm, Intel, and Microsemi have had an abysmal 2017 compared to their peers, but they may soon rebound.
  13. Stocks

    Goldman Sachs Shares Will Continue Going Nowhere

    Goldman Sachs stock stagnated in 2017 and it doesn't look like that will change anytime soon.
  14. Stocks

    Netflix Shares May Rise 10%, Options Show

    The options market suggests Netflix could top $220 a share by November 17.
  15. Stocks

    Amazon May Rise 10% As It Breaks Above $1,000

    Options trading suggests Amazon's stock could soar to $1,100, adding $50 billion to its market cap.
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