Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer

Michael Kramer is the Founder of Mott Capital Management and runs MCM's actively managed long-only Thematic Growth Portfolio. Additionally, he the premium author of Reading The Market an exclusive offering on Seeking Alpha's marketplace.

Michael's professional skills, first honed in high-risk trading environments, have now matured into a comprehensive, in-depth financial analysis of public companies, with a particular focus on finding new generational themes and trends in society. Additionally, he has dedicated a significant amount of his research to global macro economics and Central Bank policies impact on financial markets. 

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  1. Stocks

    Why Qualcomm May Have to Pay $45 Billion for NXP

    Qualcomm is likely going to have to up its offer to nearly $45B to complete the NXPI deal.
  2. Stocks

    Why Adobe's Investors Are Dancing on Cloud 9

    Adobe's multiple is likely to expand as revenue rises during the next two years
  3. Stocks

    Red Hat: Why This Stock Is The Comeback Kid

    Red Hat was buoyed by a first-quarter earnings beat and an upgrade of its stock.
  4. Stocks

    General Electric Stock Could Rise More Than 30%

    GE stock has underperformed for nearly 10 years but may be poised to rise soon.
  5. Stocks

    It's NVIDIA's Turn To Surge On Cryptocurrency Wave

    NVIDIA's shares are surging amid a mystery over the volume of sales it gets from cryptocurrency demand
  6. Stocks

    AMD's Stock: Its Speedy Game Chip Is No Sure Bet

    AMD's rising sales of chips used in video game computers may not boost profits
  7. Stocks

    Why These Biotech Stocks Are Gaining

    Biotech stocks soared on June 19, easily the best performing group in the market.
  8. Stocks

    Why John Paulson Can't Rescue Valeant's Stock

    Valeant stock soared after its largest shareholder, hedge fund billionaire John Paulson, joined its board.
  9. Stocks

    Snap: The Stock Faces More Downward Pressure

    Short sellers are betting that Snap insiders will sell large amounts of stock when the lock-up expires
  10. Stocks

    Why Apple's Shares May Fall Further (AAPL)

    Apple's plunge last week may be the beginning of more pain for investors
  11. Stocks

    A Flattening Yield Curve Is Good For The Economy and Stocks

    Wall Street is concerned because the yield curve is flattening, but that doesn't mean a recession is near.
  12. Stocks

    Costco, Kroger, Wal-Mart Feel Pain of Amazon Deal (COST, KR, WMT)

    Amazon announced on Friday, June 16, it was buying Whole Foods Markets Inc. for $13.7B.
  13. Stocks

    What Trading in Tesla Says About the Market's Health (TSLA, XLK)

    Tesla has become one of those stocks whose activity is a barometer of the market's overall health.
  14. Stocks

    FANG Stocks Will Continue To Lead Market Higher (FB, AMZN NFLX, GOOGL)

    The big dogs of FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) are powering the market.
  15. Stocks

    Why Visa Is a Tech Stock (V, MA, AXP)

    Visa is more than your cookie-cutter financial services firm. Here's why it's actually also a tech stock.
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