Justin Kuepper

Justin Kuepper has many years of experience in the market as an active trader and a personal retirement accounts manager. He spent a few years independently building and managing financial portals before obtaining his current position with Accelerized New Media, owner of SECFilings.com, ExecutiveDisclosure.com and other popular financial portals. Kuepper continues to write on a freelance basis, covering both finance and technology topics.

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  1. Chart Strategy

    Tesla Stock Extends Breakout, Tests All-Time High

    Tesla shares briefly touched their all-time high this week, but some analysts aren't so confident in the future.
  2. Chart Strategy

    First Solar Stock Rebounds in Renewed Sign of Life

    First Solar stock broke out from its 50-day moving average toward the upper end of its price channel.
  3. Chart Strategy

    Tesla Stock Breaks Out Toward All-Time Highs

    Shares broke out from near-term resistance levels after Elon Musk announced Tesla's entry into the trucking industry.
  4. Chart Strategy

    When Will Equifax Stock's Capitulation End?

    Equifax shares continue to move lower, but with volumes declining, traders could see capitulation coming to an end.
  5. Chart Strategy

    Amazon Stock Breaks Out From Short-Term Downtrend

    After moving lower over the past month, Amazon stock has shown signs of a rebound and could retest its all-time highs.
  6. Chart Strategy

    Shopify Stock Continues Breaking Out to New Highs

    Shopify shares broke out from trendline resistance, but traders will be watching these key levels over the coming weeks.
  7. Chart Strategy

    McDonalds Stock Falls to Support After Bearish Comments

    Aanalysts suggested that restaurants could see lower-than-expected comparable sales. Traders will be watching this critical ...
  8. Robo-Advisor

    Why Robo-Advisors Aren't Always the Right Choice

    Robo-advisors may be cheap and convenient, but they are not the best option for all investors.
  9. Chart Strategy

    Amgen Stock Breaks Out From Resistance

    Amgen shares hit 52-week highs on Phase III ARCH study results, but traders will be watching these key price levels.
  10. Chart Strategy

    Can Teva Pharmaceutical Turn Around Under New CEO?

    Teva shares soared nearly 20% this week after the company finally found a new chief executive officer.
  11. Chart Strategy

    Stocks Move Lower Amid Growing Risks to the Rally

    Weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  12. Chart Strategy

    Equifax Breach Opens the Door for Short-Term Traders

    Equifax shares plummeted after it revealed a data breach affecting nearly half the U.S. population. What are the key levels ...
  13. Chart Strategy

    AT&T Stock Breaks Down to Lowest Levels in 2017

    AT&T shares hit their lowest mark this year, but traders should watch these key support and resistance levels.
  14. Chart Strategy

    GoPro Stock Rebounds, but Traders Appear Undecided

    While shares soared more than 10% this week, traders should watch for consolidation between key support and resistance levels.
  15. Chart Strategy

    Twitter Stock Breaks Out Toward Resistance Levels

    Twitter shares jumped amid rumors and call option buying, but traders should watch for a breakout from these key levels.
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