Rebecca McClay

Rebecca McClay is a financial journalist who has covered stock market trends for publications like MarketWatch, Bloomberg and TheStreet. She has written and edited for real-time news feeds as well as for several financial services institutions, covering a variety of personal finance and investing news.

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  1. Stocks

    The History Behind Kraft Heinz Co.

    Kraft Heinz Co. has a decades-long history of building its brand portfolio through acquisitions.
  2. Financial Technology

    How to Micro-Invest with Acorns

    Acorns automatic savings feature can funnel money into an investment account.
  3. Financial Technology

    How to Use Venmo

    Venmo is an increasingly popular way to transfer money among friends. Probably because it's free.
  4. Personal Finance

    How to Use Mint: Budget Simply

    Mint's simplicity has drawn more than 1 million users to learn from its array of personal finance tools. Here are some tips ...
  5. Investing

    3 Top Quality Stocks

    Investors define quality stocks as those that offer more reliability and less risk.
  6. Investing

    4 Top Low Volatility Stocks for September 2017

    Stocks with lower volatility offer less risk for investors fearing a market crash.
  7. Investing

    4 Low P/E Ratio Stocks for 2017

    These four stocks with lower-than-average P/E ratios may be bargains in their industry.
  8. Investing

    3 Top Momentum Stocks for September 2017

    Momentum stocks can help investors ride a bull market even higher.
  9. Company Insights

    10 Companies Owned by Alibaba

    Rapidly growing online retailer Alibaba Group has a wide array of dominant companies under its umbrella.
  10. Markets & Economy

    2017: The Year of Retail Bankruptcies

    Not all companies are expected to survive 2017's changing consumer landscape.
  11. Company Insights

    Top 7 Kraft Heinz Brands

    Kraft Heinz's top brands like Velveeta and Oscar Mayer each yield $1 billion in revenue annually.
  12. Stocks

    5 ETFs That Hold Alibaba Shares

    Investors can tap into China's booming e-commerce business with ETFs with significant stakes in Alibaba.
  13. Stocks

    Blue Apron: The First (and Last?) Meal-Kit Co. to Go Public

    The meal-kit delivery service business is booming and although Blue Apron took the plunge to public, the rest face potential ...
  14. Stocks

    L Brands Selloff Intrigues Analysts

    L Brands looks increasingly attractive to analysts as shares plunge on poor sales.
  15. Stocks

    Positive Warehouse Sales May Help Revive Retail

    Costco and PriceSmart are reporting rising revenue as other brick-and-mortar retailers struggle with sales.
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