Daniel Liberto

Daniel Liberto

Daniel Liberto is a freelance journalist based in Italy. Prior to going freelance he lived for several years in London, writing about equity markets and personal finance for various publications across the Financial Times. He has a masters degree in journalism, an impressive stockpicking resume and is very passionate about all things investment-related.

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  1. Markets & Economy

    Buffett Slams Wealth Inequality, Calls GOP Health Bill 'Relief for the Rich'

    Warren Buffett believes that the mega-rich are being "disproportionately" rewarded, describes Obamacare overhaul as “relief ...
  2. Investing

    Valeant Most Exposed With FDA Generics Push

    Valeant might be the biggest victim of the FDA’s bid to lower drug prices by boosting generic competition.
  3. Investing

    Apple Has Acquired an Eye-Tracking Company

    Apple’s latest acquisition suggests that the tech giant has serious intentions to become a major player in augmented and ...
  4. Investing

    Nvidia Forges Yet Another Self-Driving Partnership

    Nvidia adds Volvo and Autoliv to its long list of big name self-driving vehicle partners.
  5. Insights

    India's Modi Hopes Tax Reform Will Convince US CEOs to Invest (GOOGL, MSFT)

    India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi reportedly impressed CEOs at a roundtable meeting in Washington on Sunday.
  6. Investing

    Pandora Media's CEO Plans to Step Down (P)

    Pandora’s CEO reportedly plans to step down, shortly after the struggling music streaming company announced deals to raise ...
  7. Stocks

    Facebook's New Mission Moves Focus to Groups (FB)

    Facebook aims to bring the world closer together by promoting local community groups, rather than just simply connecting ...
  8. Investing

    YouTube Celebrates 1.5 Billion Monthly Users, Announces Updates (GOOGL)

    YouTube announces some exciting new updates after confirming that 1.5 billion registered users now log into its website and ...
  9. Investing

    Apple Looking to Trim Record Labels' Cut (AAPL)

    Apple is confident that the increasing popularity of Apple Music can help it to secure a deal closer to what industry leader ...
  10. Investing

    Staples Stock Jumps on Report of $6 Billion Acquisition (SPLS)

    Private equity firm Sycamore Partners looks set to come to Staples’ rescue following an auction.
  11. Investing

    Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns

    Uber’s founder and CEO resigned from his position after months of scandals caused angry shareholders to question his leadership. ...
  12. Investing

    Tesla Replaces Its Autopilot Head After Six Months (TSLA)

    Tesla makes more changes to its driverless car division, hiring artificial intelligence leader Andrej Karpathy and dumping ...
  13. Stocks

    Why Chipotle Stock Is Tanking (CMG)

    Investors betting on a recovery at Chipotle were left disappointed after the company maintained its previous growth forecasts ...
  14. Investing

    Microsoft Price Target Raised by Morgan Stanley (MSFT)

    Morgan Stanley claims that Microsoft’s latest advancements in cloud computing and other fast growing sectors aren’t factored ...
  15. Stocks

    Elon Musk Says L.A. Is Open to His Traffic Tunnel Plan (TSLA)

    Elon Musk’s seemingly outlandish bid to create underground rail and road networks secured a huge victory after being endorsed ...
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