Daniel Liberto

Daniel Liberto

Daniel Liberto is a freelance journalist based in Italy. Prior to going freelance he lived for several years in London, writing about equity markets and personal finance for various publications across the Financial Times. He has a masters degree in journalism, an impressive stockpicking resume and is very passionate about all things investment-related.

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  1. Stocks

    HP Expects 2018 Profits to Be at High End of Estimates

    The PC and printer maker expects 2018 to be a profitable year and pledged to continue returning most of its annual free cash ...
  2. Stocks

    Google and Amazon Could Disrupt Another Industry

    It’s only a matter of time before Amazon and Google become market leading lenders to small businesses, a former U.S. small ...
  3. Stocks

    Teens Love Apple, Amazon More Than Ever, Lose Interest in Nike

    A new survey says Teens increasingly endorse Apple, Amazon, Snapchat, Vans and Supreme, lose interest in Pandora Radio, Nike, ...
  4. Stocks

    Tesla's Third Biggest Market Considering an EV Tax

    The days of Tesla achieving bumper electric auto sales in Norway could be coming to a close.
  5. Stocks

    Apple Signs Deal With Spielberg in Content Push

    Apple has joined forces with a Hollywood icon and strengthened its bid to become a big player in the competitive streaming ...
  6. Stocks

    Alibaba Doubles Research Spending to $15B

    The new global research program is meant to strengthen Alibaba’s grip on emerging technologies.
  7. Stocks

    Trump Admin Says War on Coal Is Over

    The head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has vowed to repeal an Obama-era rule that was to limit greenhouse ...
  8. Stocks

    Tesla May Miss Its iPhone Moment: Barclays

    Model 3 production delays could see Tesla lose its competitive advantage and test the loyalty of investors that aren't true ...
  9. Company Insights

    Szechuan Snarl: McDonald's Promises to Make Things Right

    The fast-food giant promised Rick and Morty fans that it will run another better-stocked Szechuan sauce promotion this winter.
  10. Stocks

    Wal-Mart Leverages Stores to Speed Up Returns for Online Buys

    Wal-Mart's new simplified returns process marks the latest in a series product launches aimed at fighting off rising competition ...
  11. Stocks

    Yum China Same-Store Sales Beat Estimates, New CEO Announced

    The first major Western fast-food operator in China announces a CEO change alongside upbeat sales figures.
  12. Company Insights

    Elon Musk Says Tesla Can Fix Puerto Rico's Electric Grid

    The tech guru believes Tesla has the technology in place to solve power shortages on even bigger islands.
  13. Stocks

    SeaWorld Shares Up After Report of Possible Sale

    Merlin isn’t believed to be interested in appeasing SeaWorld’s demands for an outright sale, although there are other potential ...
  14. Stocks

    Barclays Raises Nvidia PT to $200

    Barclays believes that the “crypto tailwind” buoying graphic chip makers has further to run and identifies Nvidia as the ...
  15. Stocks

    Mylan Shares Surge After MS Treatment Gets FDA Approval

    News that Mylan’s generic version of Teva’s MS drug won FDA approval sent its shares, and those of its Indian manufacturing ...
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