Amanda Milligan

Amanda Milligan works as a content writer for BlueGlass Interactive Inc., where she writes high-quality content, contributes to the blog , and serves as an editor in multiple capacities. Amanda is a University of Florida graduate with a B.S. in journalism and a B.A. in English. She has written about topics from nuclear engineering to Forex trading. Her previous experience in news, publishing, and public relations crafted her into a content producer with the ability to identify a story, conduct extensive research, report, and write all while remaining objective and accurate.

  1. Budgeting

    7 Ways To Save Money In College

    Picking the right phone plan and using student discounts are just some of the ways to reduce mounting student debt.
  2. Budgeting

    How College Lifestyles Affect Financial Success

    Students who save money and pay their bills on time will develop financially protective habits for their post-college years.
  3. Forex Education

    Forex Broker Summary: UFXMarkets

    UFXMarkets offers trading in currency pairs, indexes, CFDs and commodities, with the goal of helping both beginning and seasoned traders to succeed in the profitable foreign exchange markets.
  4. Budgeting

    5 States Where You Can Stretch Your Dollar The Furthest

    If you're thinking of moving to save a few dollars here and there, we've got a list of states for you to consider.